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Polycarbonate wall lamp


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DRIP | Wall lamp


Polycarbonate wall lamp


Polycarbonate (PC)

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Drop and Drip's small screen is made of borosilicate glass, finer and more delicate than blown glass.‎ "I wanted the material to be very tasteful, almost like a candy," says Christophe.‎ The choice of glass is intimately related to the light that creates.‎ In the words of its creator: "I was looking for a very bright light, and the translucent glass and its shape contribute to it.‎ The light source is an LED that is hidden so that light is the only protagonist.‎ Then, when the light is projected and reflected in the materials that are found along the way, it creates a set of sparkles and shadows.‎ All that, enrich the object.‎ " Its light is intimate, but it also has a practical utility for those who are nearby.‎ "I always bear in mind the space where a lamp is going to be located because that is where it becomes meaningful" explains Christophe.‎ The Drop and the Drip are intended for application in both residential and contract projects.‎ Thanks to its multiple applications it works very well in all hotel spaces, in public areas as well as in rooms.‎

The new polycarbonate shade of the Drip collection is designed to be used in commercial applications.‎ Hotels, restaurants or public areas where friction or the possibility of breakage is a relevant risk.‎ The Drip in polycarbonate, are the same as the rest of their peers made in glass; They are simple, discreet and minimalist.‎ If you touch them, it's hard to know which is which.‎ They come in a matte finish.‎
Until now, all of the Drip and Drop pendant lamps fell in circular cascades.‎ On this occasion, we are increasing the possibilities by adding to the collection a multiple linear suspension arrangements!

Drip/Drop Collection by BOVER
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