BOVER KANDO P/111/R Outdoor Teak floor lamp


KANDO P/111/R Outdoor By BOVER


Teak floor lamp

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Kando P/111/R Outdoor is a wireless floor lamp.‎

Lamps description

5Vdc 2A

5,5 W LED / CRI: 90 / 2200K | 2400K | 2700K
680 lm light source

Materials: Aluminum, Teak Wood, Nautical
Cord, Polycarbonate.‎
On-Off Switch.‎
3 lighting position: 33% 66% 100%.‎

Battery charging time: +/- 7 hours.‎
Battery duration time at 100%: +/- 6 hours.‎
Battery duration time at 66%: +/- 9 hours.‎
Battery duration time at 33%: +/- 12 hours.‎
Includes USB Type-C cable and USB-C to
USB-A adapter.‎ USB Type C: 5Vdc 2A
Power adapter NOT INCLUDED.‎

Light source protected by polycarbonate diffuser.‎


Kando, a Japanese term that captures the deep emotion and satisfaction experienced in the presence of something exceptionally valuable, is the essence of our lamps.‎ Designed with a focus on aesthetics and functionality, these lamps are created to generate a warm and comfortable atmosphere.‎ 

Our Kando lamps emit a warm, inviting light, filtered through a ribbon for indoor use or a nautical cord for outdoor use, materials that make up its shade.‎ It is supported within a lightweight teak wood structure, which also acts as a handle for easy transport.‎ Furthermore, the Kando allows you to adjust the color temperature of the light according to your preferences, with a manual push button offering options of 2200K, 2400K, and 2700K.‎ 

Available in three sizes and versions for indoors or outdoors, they adapt to a wide variety of needs and spaces.‎


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Kando Collection by BOVER
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