Brianza Plastica ISOTEC® Polyurethane foam Ventilated roof system


ISOTEC® By Brianza Plastica


Polyurethane foam Ventilated roof system

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Isotec is an under-tile thermal insulation system for pitched roofs, developed for refurbishment interventions and new roofing.‎ It involves laying modular structural panels, light and consisting of an insulating core in self-extinguishing rigid expanded polyurethane foam, at a density of 38 Kg/m3, coated in a waterproof coating of embossed aluminium, and rendered self-supporting thanks to its metal profile.‎ The metal profile is equipped with a drop catching longitudinal web on the flat part of the overflow of the panels, which prevents the water from going back up.‎ The panel is molded with overlapping longitudinal battens on the long side, dovetail joint on the short side with a view to rendering the insulation continuous.‎ ADVANTAGES: Isotec contributes in a decisive way to the living comfort of the environments below, drastically limiting the thermal exchange with the external environment.‎ In the winter months it contributes to the energy containment reducing the thermal dispersion towards the outside, in the summer period it contributes to the thermal attenuation reducing the heat transmitted towards the inside by solar rays.‎ The steel joist integrated in the panel presents in the holes which favour natural microventilation in the under-tile area, from the gutter to the ventilated peak.‎ The Isotec system installed in accordance with the “laying instructions” (for structures with a slope >30%) guarantees a second level of waterproofing to safeguard against infiltrations.‎

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