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Across all the lines of cover plate, as well as the traditional Rocker controls, BTicino offers the new ergonomic and silent Axial controls, , which guarantee the perfect flatness of the light point during use and the Sweet Click control for the Axolute line which creates the perception of a digital device even in the traditional system, with silent operation to be used with cyclical relays or dimmers.‎
The reliability of the BTicino controls passes the most severe chemical, electrical and heat tests: the ergonomic solutions adopted and the use of sound-absorbent materials for the materials make the operating click gentle and silent.‎

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With the new BTicino Universal Dimmers it is possible to control and adjust the light intensity of all types of loads on the market, from traditional filament lamps, to the latest generation LED and CFL energy saving lamps.
BTicino Infrared Switches are light controls with movement sensor allowing energy saving, illuminating the rooms only when necessary. They are useful for anyone needing the automatic switching on of one or more lights for between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.
The Green Switch is an intelligent switch with passive infrared ray presence sensor and brightness sensor which talks to the room and allows the automated management of the lighting, coming into action if the natural light becomes dim and when people are present, depending on individual requirements. It also works with manual control.
The New Energy Saving Two-way switch is an innovative and at the same time intelligent control: it works like a normal two-way switch allowing manual switching on and off of the managed load but it can also switch the light off automatically if it is left on. When no movement is detected for 10 minutes this new two-way switch will independently deactivate the load to which it is connected.

The Radio Controls are ideal in refurbishment, to add new controls and functions without wall disruption, or in new systems where the wireless control is required. Thanks to the Zigbee wireless technology, the devices communicate and integrate each other. This technology allows the use of radio controls even in large rooms, with obstacles or dividing walls. One or more control points can be added and new functions, such as switching several lights ON/OFF together with a single movement, can be developed.

They are the controls dedicated to the operation of automatic devices for the movement of motorised rolling shutters and electrical or swinging blinds. These controls have the special feature of being interlocked to guarantee security of function.

With the connected-home system you can control the lights and rolling shutters of your home, both from your smartphone and by simply touching a home system pushbutton. The system is mainly made up of: actuators connected to the electrical system to control the loads; battery-supplied controls; gateway to manage the functions.

As well as the range of power sockets of different installation standards (Italian and German), BTicino offers the range of new Flat sockets (Italian and German standard). They have a moving external wall which, when the plug is inserted, moves inwards giving the light point perfect flatness with standard sockets as well. This mode adds value to the system, which will thus be perfectly in line with the sophisticated appearance of the lines of AIR, Axolute and Livinglight cover plates.
They are simple to use because the easy to see holes make inserting the plug easy.
The new TV sockets are perfectly suitable for different TV system installation modes (single home or apartment block) and with the different wiring modes.
The proposal is completed with the Data Sockets for the distribution of internet data and connection, USB sockets for recharging technological devices and Audio-Video sockets for the distribution of multimedial signals for TV and projectors.

These are the advanced controls used in the home automation systems.

The Video Display is a colour handsfree video internal unit which can be installed in the same space as a light point and integrated with the appearance of the home-automatic system. Through a friendly user interface, the video display is also the system control point for the temperature, lights, sound system and scenario controls.

Taking up the same space as two common light switches, the Local Display allows you to manage and control different home-automation functions such as the temperature control, sound system or scenario controls, which can be modified at any time as needed.
The 3.5 inch simple and intuitive Touch Screen display perfectly combines home-automation, video door entry and multimedia content. All the system functions are identified by simple icons. You can configure “scenario” icons, which allow you to activate several functions at the same time, such as switching off all the lights or lowering all the rolling shutters and switching the burglar alarm on.
It can be integrated in appearance with all BTicino ranges.

My Home 10” Touch Screen
is a wall display with touch technology for the complete management of the home, perfectly combining all the Home-automation, Video door entry and CCTV functions. Its design is minimal and it is available in black and white. It allows you to navigate on the internet, program a customised profile, adjust the temperature and music volume in the rooms, control the lighting and keep the home safe. Thanks to the USB input and to the SD Card slot, it is possible to listen to the favourite music and upload photos and videos.

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