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Connected thermostat

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BTicino Design

Connected Thermostat
Produttore BTICINO design by BTicino Design (2017)

Smarther2 with Netatmo is the new innovative connected thermostat with Integrated wi-fi.‎‎

Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, by means of the apartment network, Smarther2 with Netatmoncan be connected to your smartphone in order to manage your home comfort and your home energy saving in an innovative way wherever you are thanks to the use of the dedicated App Home+Control.‎
You can also control Smarther2 with Netatmo with your voice through the voice assistants of Google, Amazon and Siri from Apple.‎
Using the same Home + Control App, you can also control the electrical system of your home if you choose the connected ranges Living Now with Netatmo or Livinglight with Netatmo.‎

Smarther2 with Netatmo allows you, using your smartphone, to manage locally and remotely your connected thermostat, to create and modify the weekly programs, to manage the thermostat updates; different users can manage the same thermostat by installing the App on several smartphones.‎‎

Smarther2 with Netatmo can simply manage different innovative functions:
- To control and adjust the temperature anywhere and at anytime
- Geolocation
- Manual control and using App
- Innovative boost function
- Manage several thermostats in the same home
- Manage several thermostat in different buildings
The new “Boost” function activates from thermostat and smartphone the heating or cooling for a limited time, regardless of the profile set and the room temperature, avoiding energy waste.‎‎
With Smarther2 you can control the management of Netatmo smart radiator valves for control in every room.‎

Smarther2 with Netatmo has an essential design in a few millimeters.‎‎ Thin, with a white and glass effect, Smarther fits perfectly with all styles.‎‎
The discrete white light is decorative and informative, assisting the user in understanding and using functions.‎‎
The metallised detail is a distinctive element which characterizes the object and becomes an informative and enhancing element of the new “Boost” function.‎‎
The connected thermostat Smarther2 with Netatmo is available in 3 colors in the flush mounting version and in white in the version for wall installation.‎
Smarther, in the previous version, was awarded the IF DESIGN AWARD 2017 as recognition of the innovative value of its functionality and design.‎‎

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