Lightning conductor and protection system

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Lightning conductor and protection system

Surge protective device
BTICINO manufacturer

The rangeof BTicino Protection Devicesmaybe installed inside BTicino switchboards and offers various protection solutions.‎
Enriching the switchboard means managing and protecting all the domestic appliances in the best way.‎  
BTicino protects people, homes and the most expensive goods in conformity with standard CEI 64-8, with the best solutions in terms of efficiency, safety and functionality.‎
With BTicino systems you can propose the most suitable solution on the 3 levels defined by the standard: base, standard and home automation.‎

Surge protective devices (SPD) to protect the electronic equipment

The SPD protect the equipment both against surges caused by lightning and against transient surges which may be created in the mains in the case of electrical manouevres on the distribution systems.‎
The BTicino SPD range, conforming to standard CEI EN 61643-11, fulfils all the needs of low-voltage systems.‎
Surges caused by lightning are responsible for 25% - 40%* of the faults which occur occasionally in the equipment.‎ If one adds the transient surges due to other reasons one reaches almost 60%* of the electrical faults, which could be avoided by installing an SPD device.‎

They have cartridges with  extraction handle  for easier replacement.‎ The new front handle, grey and easy to see, as well as simplifying the extraction of the cartridges, guarantees maximum safety in operation.‎
The new marking makes product identification easier, once it is installed in the distribution board.‎ On the front section the cartridge status indicator shows whether the SPD device is working (green) or if it is out of service (red).‎
Associable SPD modules, an exclusive BTicino product, simplify and increase safety in installation and maintenance and allow a considerable reduction of the connection length to increase the protection effectiveness.‎

Further info from manufacturer on SURGE PROTECTIVE DEVICE (SPD)

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