Trunkings and metal wire cable trays


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Trunkings and metal wire cable trays

GAMMA-P Series P31
Trunkings and metal wire cable trays
BTICINO manufacturer

GAMMA-P Series P31

It is the series of GAMMA-P Legrand metal wire-holder metal cable trays.‎

Featuring excellent mechanical resistance, maximum simplicity and flexibility of installation, the P31 series is very wide and complete in dimensions and finishings and is suitable for all service and industrial applications.‎

The P31 series is made up of trunking and cable trays in 4 different heights: 25, 50, 75 and 100 mm and is suitable for all types of laying: attached to the wall with brackets, suspended, on the ceiling and under the floor.‎

The support systems are common to all the Legrand types of cable tray and can be used to install wall-mounting or ceiling-mounting cable trays in a simple way.‎
A wide range of installation accessories (curves, junctions, adaptors.‎ .‎ .‎ ) and support systems guarantees maximum installation flexibility allowing all types of laying: attached to the wall with brackets, suspended, on the ceiling and under the floor.‎

P31 trunking system is available in the following versions:
- Plain not perforated trunkings;
- Deep drawn not perforated trunking;
- Deep drawn perforated cable tray.‎
The electrogalvanised steel finish is recommended for internal installations where atmospheres are not particularly aggressive, while the AISI 304L stainless finish is suitable for installations in the chemical and food industry, cheese making and wine.‎

Solutions for antiseismic installations
To solve problems linked to earthquakes, Legrand can comply with antiseismic checks in Italy using the products in the metal trunking proposal.‎
All the wire-holder systems and their supporting brackets are tested using laboratory tests and finite-element analysis, which can determine the limit state of deformation of the wire-holder/supporting bracket and load system connection contained in it for Ag values up to 0.‎ 5 g guaranteeing, if the product is installed in conformity with the state of the art, resistance to earthquakes in Italy without the need for dedicated bracketing accessories.‎

Further info from manufacturer on P31 GAMMA-P

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