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Wiring accessories



Civil series
BTICINO manufacturer
design by BTicino Design Office

Minimum thickness, attention to detail, single colour, these form the essence of the Bticino AIR thin revolution, which represents the new design solution for your home in the Axolute or Livinglight versions.‎
Livinglight AIR interprets the minimum thickness with a variation from the thin rounded profile, protruding by just 4.‎ 7 mm and with no less than 14 finishes of cover plate which can be combined with the white, tech and anthracite of the keys.‎
Axolute AIR attains maximum innovation in thin thicknesses with only 3.‎ 5 mm of protrusion in three single-colour finishes.‎ The axial controls reinforce the concept of thin, thanks to their kinematic system, which guarantees perfect flatness of the light point, even after the controls have been operated.‎

The axial controls are ideal for enhancing the AIR cover plate flatness and thickness: silent and reliable control, the result of the most sophisticated electromechanical technology.‎
The traditional rocker controls have an improved performance and appearance for maximum practicality and functionality.‎
In the AIR line the design of the controls combines technology, looks and ergonomics in all the functionalities and mechanisms.‎ Also the new controls have LED light in a refined amber colour for an effect which is never invasive.‎

As far as digital technology is concerned, AIR, with the quality of its design and the displays with advanced interfaces, gives the digital system a refined and subtle appearance and advanced modes of interaction.‎
There is also the offer of the radio technology controls, ideal for new systems or, in existing systems, to add light points without working on the walls.‎

Every modern system need finds the ideal thin solution with Air:
- traditional devices with innovative controls which are subjected to tests clearly more stringent than those - laid down by the standard in force;
- dimmer for all types of load and electronic products for energy saving;
- RJ connectors, fibre and for multi-media;
- MyHome technology for advanced systems;
- radio controls, ideal in refurbishment.‎

Further info from manufacturer on AIR

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