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Screed and base layer for flooring

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Screed and base layer for flooring

The product consists of a granular blend of polymers with a unique particle size distribution curve, obtained by the post-consumer recycling of non-hazardous plastic materials, to be used in cement mortar as a substitute for natural aggregates such as sand, expanded clay, etc.‎
Guaranteeing the high technical and environmental quality of G MIX is its full compliance with UNI 10667-14, a stringent technical standard which prescribes the characteristics and requirements of the blend, which it designates as R-PMIX-CEM.‎

The screed is prepared by simply mixing G MIX with water and cement until a semi-dry consistency is obtained.‎ The typical recommended proportions for 1 m3 of polymers is 80/150 kg cement and 80/150 lt water.‎ The product has an indicative consumption of 5 kg/m2 per 1 cm layer thickness.‎
It is blended, transported and laid in the same way as traditional substrates (manually, using a site mixer or pneumatic pump).‎ Thanks to its lightweight and workable nature, it dramatically reduces the time and cost of laying compared to a traditional substrate.‎

APPLICATIONS | How it is used
Thanks to its lightness and elasticity, significant powers of thermal and acoustic insulation, and very high compression resistance levels, G MIX lightweight substrate is ideal for making:
- Lightweight substrates for filling, covering and levelling sites, on slabs of all types (reinforced concrete and masonry, wood, metal, etc.‎ ), whether new or to be restructured.‎
- Thermal insulating substrates in interfloor slabs, against the ground, towards the outdoors (e.‎ g.‎ slabs upon pilotis) or unheated areas (e.‎ g.‎ garages).‎
- Insulation and gradient formation for flat and pitched roofs, rooftop terraces and roofing in general, whether new or to be restructured.‎
- Thermal insulation substrates below the level of underfloor heating.‎
- Acoustic insulation substrates in residential environments or to dampen vibrations in workshops and industrial environments.‎
- Insulation for the base and walls of heated pools.‎
- Filling for recesses and hollows.‎
- Car-friendly substrates for inside and out - squares, parking lots, etc.‎
- Bedding and backfill for underground utility trenches.‎

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