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Sound absorbing mobile Recycled PET desktop partition


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BuzziTripl Desk By BuzziSpace


Sound absorbing mobile Recycled PET desktop partition


Recycled PET

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BuzziTripl Desk is a sound absorbing mobile Recycled PET desktop partition.‎
Simple and private desk partition.‎
Safeguard your privacy with this simple desk divider made of three layers of felt.‎ Create your own cocoon with this flexible solution.‎ You will definitely increase concentration while experiencing a nesting feeling.‎ Being easy-to-install, you can use it individually or connect several together, by ordering the fix, to define multiple workstations.‎ With its tactile appearance and colorful options, BuzziTripl Desk offers you the possibility to match it with your existing decor.‎ You can also choose the shape that best meets your needs: round corners or wedge.‎

BuzziTripl is an easy-to-install desk and room partition collection that enables concentration and brings about peace of mind by feeling safe at work.‎ With no set-up limitations, it is an ideal solution for the ever-changing ways we work and live.‎

The Story
Improving concentration and promoting physical distance have never been so easy with the BuzziTripl privacy panel collection.‎
BuzziTripl Desk, BuzziTriple Wrap Desk, and BuzziTripl Desk Split are developed with tabletop applications in mind.‎

BuzziTripl Desk shields against noise and visual disruptions;
BuzziTriple Wrap Desk has the added benefit to convert a regular desk into a more private and cocooning space;
BuzziTripl Desk Split is ideal for dividing communal tables commonly seen in open office layouts, thus creating private and individual workstations.‎
All three versions offer separation and distance from people to ensure a healthier communal work environment and to mitigate safety concerns in today’s social climate.‎

BuzziTripl Home’s side panels can be folded in for easy rearrangement and storage, made optimally for compact homes and families where working and living happen simultaneously.‎ The lightweight solution is available in Low and High versions.‎ BuzziTripl Home Low creates an intimate environment where concentration and comfort are desired while kids and others are around, whereas BuzziTripl Home High serves double duty as a screen to eliminate visual clutter that may appear in the background during professional video meetings as well as a room partition or a play room for the kids, while you are working.‎

The BuzziTripl collection uses three layers of BuzziFelt, a BuzziSpace proprietary material made of recycled PET to capture and reduce sound.‎ Offered in wedged and round corners, the panels are available in a variety of monochrome or bi-color options.‎ Rounding out the collection is its tack-able surface, adding a layer of personalization and convenience to accommodate notes, photos, grocery lists, and more.‎

Further info from manufacturer on BuzziTripl Desk BuzziSpace

BuzziTripl Collection by BuzziSpace
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