Caccaro CABINA | Walk-in wardrobe

Sectional wooden walk-in wardrobe

  • Design by R&S Caccaro
  • Collection Cabina

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CABINA | Walk-in wardrobe


Sectional wooden walk-in wardrobe



Design Year

The space open to everyone’s gaze.‎ The series of modules for those who have nothing to hide.‎ And everything to display.‎
This is the series of modules of the Freedhome System without doors, but with the upright.‎ Without side panels and the top cover, but with the bottom panel below.‎ It is the series where everything is open to view.‎ Between the upright, the back and the shelves of the linear Cabina module or the corner Cabina module.‎ This is large storage which opens up to contemporary display.‎
In each composition, the Cabina modules bring with them their large display capacity.‎ You can combine them with the functions of the Core series modules and the other series of the Freedhome System.‎ Because freedom is open to any option.‎ And the Cabina modules are spaces open to all eyes.‎
You are free to choose your module from the height, width and depth dimensions provided by the Cabina series.‎ Or to have a customized solution with dimensions that correspond to the spaces of your home.‎
The composition with the Cabina module and with the island element for the sleeping area.‎ A real open space dressing room.‎ The island is part of the Freedhome System.‎ You are free to choose it with the bench and drawers or with the drawers only.‎
Light, uprights.‎
The lights are positioned on the back of the upright and directed towards the rear of the module.‎ The lighting is reflected in the surrounding environment with reflections on the glass and walnut wood.‎
Here is the Cabina module with full-view space display.‎ It is organized for a kitchen pantry: drawer units, tray shelves with partitions for dishes and kitchen products.‎ The back is in eucalyptus wood.‎
Interior organization.‎
You are free to choose the accessories of the Freedhome System to organise the interiors of the Cabina module.‎ The drawer unit with glass shelf, the grids with trays, the hangers, the upper shelves and the shoe racks.‎ This way, you can make the most of the large spaces split up by the uprights.‎

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Cabina Collection by Caccaro
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