Caccaro WALLOVER® COMP.2 Sectional wooden wardrobe with 1 door


WALLOVER® COMP.2 | Wardrobe custom By Caccaro


Sectional wooden wardrobe with 1 door

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Wallover® Comp.‎2 with single hinged door.‎ The Pillars are the meeting point between architecture and furniture: structural elements that hide space to contain.‎ In this configuration, they are suspended from the wall, extending decisively from floor to ceiling.‎ They are always designed to the millimeter and, thanks to the discreet push-pull opening, they appear as taut vertical lines in the space.‎ Shelves in wood and glass, cup holders, shoe racks: the internal equipment defines their function.‎ The finish of the Kera family reproduces the warm veins of natural stone, the light of the LED back accessory emphasizes the profile of the pillar and can be switched off, switched on and adjusted in intensity with a practical remote control.‎

Base: Lamé Bianconeve
Interior: Lamé Bianconeve
Front and sides: Easy Kera Invisible White

Wallover® is the new system of vertical and horizontal containers that are freely composed in space, with such rhythm and proportion as to give an “architectural cut” to the spaces of the house, from the living room to the sleeping area.‎ The various elements can be perfectly integrated with each other and are characterized by extreme dimensional and finishing flexibility.‎ The combination of the various containers gives life to an infinite series of possible compositions.‎

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Single pillars: 45 x 35,5 cm; H 26,4 cm
Composition 2: 136 x 47,8 cm; H 267 cm
Available customizable

Wallover® Collection by Caccaro
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