Caccaro CAMERINO | Wood and glass walk-in wardrobe

Wood and glass walk-in wardrobe

  • Design by R&S Caccaro
  • Collection Camerino

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CAMERINO | Wood and glass walk-in wardrobe


Wood and glass walk-in wardrobe


Wood and glass

How to enter large storage.‎ The most hospitable series of modules in the Freedhome System.‎ If you don't know what large storage is, you should get into Camerino.‎
This is large storage collected up in depth.‎ In there, everything is at your fingertips.‎ Everything is organized to be found.‎ You'll enter and find space to put your wardrobe in order, to store your dishes, and to archive your work.‎ This is the transversality of the Camerino module.‎ You are free to position it in several different parts of the home: the sleeping area, the living area, the study area.‎
In each composition the Camerino modules bring with them their large storage capacity.‎ You can combine them with the functional features of the modules of the Core series and other series of the Freedhome System.‎ So, you can choose to include the Camerino module in your composition.‎ And add more space to large space.‎
You are free to choose your module from the height, width and depth dimensions provided by the Camerino series.‎ Or to have a customized solution with dimensions that correspond to the spaces of your home.‎
Total opening.‎
Does not hinder.‎ Does not clutter.‎ Does not take up room.‎ It is a Caccaro exclusive.‎ It opens completely: a lever mechanism folds up the doors.‎ So, you are free to enter Camerino and experience large storage.‎
Opening and storage.‎
Camerino is the upshot of the encounter between total opening and large storage.‎ The most hospitable series of modules of the Freedhome System.‎ The Camerino system of total opening and large storage is a Caccaro patent.‎

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Camerino Collection by Caccaro
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