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Compact backflow preventers


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580 | Compact backflow preventers


Compact backflow preventers

The range of series 580 compact backflow preventers was introduced with the aim of protecting the domestic water supply line, even in contexts lacking sufficient space.‎
In distribution networks, inlet pressure drops may cause potentially polluted water to flow back into the mains, thus generating a dangerous situation for human health.‎
Backflow preventers are specially designed to prevent this backward flow and to keep the common distribution network completely separated from the domestic/commercial/industrial water systems.‎
As the upstream pressure drops, the internal check valves close, thus blocking the backward flow of water.‎ The lack of pressure on the diaphragm that controls the drain valve causes the latter to open, enabling the water contained inside the intermediate chamber to flow out; this prevents the network water from coming into contact with the potentially polluted water present in the system.‎
Series 580 type-BA backflow preventers (EN 12729-certified) have a self-contained cartridge, where all the main components are integrated, mounted obliquely: this feature makes them highly compact and installable on vertical, horizontal and oblique pipes.‎ Moreover, thanks to the various accompanying kits, they can also be installed on the point of use and in place of conventional outdoor taps.‎
This construction feature was exploited to produce an automatic charging unit.‎ This unit combines protection of the backflow preventer with the pressure control offered by the compact charging unit.‎
The 580010 automatic charging unit can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipes.‎

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