CALEFFI 132 | Balancing valve

Flanged balancing valve with flow meter


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132 | Balancing valve


Flanged balancing valve with flow meter

The new flanged balancing valve with flow meter was designed with a specific purpose in mind: that of properly balancing the climate-control system whilst providing a simple flow rate reading which does away with the need for other measurement instruments.‎
Balancing valves are used on climate-control systems in order to maintain a balance between the various secondary offshoots and provide each water-dispensing device with the right flow rate; this keeps energy waste to a bare minimum and boosts efficiency.‎
The working principle on which the balancing valves is based creates a pressure drop which makes up for the differences between the highest pressure and that of the other circuits.‎ This pressure drop can be generated by an obturator, a divider or a ball which changes the Kv value of the valve itself.‎
The series 132 flanged balancing valve with flow meter makes use of a special ball with a shaped cavity whose special regulation system allows for 10 pre-setting curves.‎
The flow meter mounted as a bypass on the valve makes for easy viewing through the valve and does away with the need for any other instruments or pressure test connections.‎ By simply pulling the ring, the fluid goes through the flow meter.‎ This triggers the inner float which drags the metal ball with it, indicating the actual flow rate.‎ Easy reading of these values enables the user to intervene rapidly and change the flow rate with a special handle, leading to an extremely accurate balancing system.‎

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