Caleido BRASILIA Wall-mounted aluminium decorative radiator




Wall-mounted aluminium decorative radiator

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The collaboration with Massimo Iosa Ghini gave birth to Brasilia: a tribute to the work of the master Niemeyer whose buildings reflect the use of dynamic forms and curves so sensual that many admirers have seen him as a sculptor rather than an architect.‎ The stylistic code of the architect Iosa Ghini is expressed through the sculptural graphics that also characterize this work.‎ Made almost entirely of aluminum, recyclable at the end of its life, Brasilia provides an open bar towel holder and a vertical, single or double hook-hanger integrated into the structure that make this radiator a multifunctional complement, creating a perfect symbiosis between decoration and function to enhance the space and environment in which it is inserted.‎ 2 basic elements in 4 different lengths, combined together give rise to various configurations.‎ In particular, the many versions of Brasilia, characterized by the fast pace of closely spaced sheets, are accompanied by Brasilia Wide, which enriches the aesthetic score with the addition of a large and multifunctional element.‎ In every plastic rendering, the thermal power enters into an efficient functional relationship with the compositional aesthetics.‎ The curves and appendages make up a modular structure with a strong vertical momentum generating a 'chimney effect' that stimulates the recirculation of hot air, maximizing the already extremely effective yield thanks to the choice of aluminum as the material of choice and the width of the surfaces.‎

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H (mm) 1200 | 1500 | 1800 | 2000
L (mm) 230 | 275 | 422 | 467 | 614 | 659

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