Calligaris SEASHELL Oval table with ceramic top and concrete base


SEASHELL | Oval table By Calligaris


Oval table with ceramic top and concrete base

Manufacture year


Seashell is a table with a barrel-shaped ceramic top and sculptural cement base.‎ Seashell's design challenge starts from the use of cement for the base: this material often associated with the idea of "heaviness and solidity", both physical and visual, has been rethought so as to be light, but at the same time resistant.‎ The decision to use soft, sinuous shapes is inspired by the organic forms found in nature, and in particular that of the seashell which, thanks to its surfaces characterised by curves and ribbing, generates structural solidity despite the incredibly fragile material from which it is made.‎ Cement thus acquires a new formal and functional language; the central base offers maximum usability and, depending on the point of view, transforms and generates other forms.‎ A combination of inspiration and functionality, of lightness and strength, a table of great expressiveness, an everyday object transformed into an essential and sculptural figure to be exhibited.‎
Also available with glass top and barrel shape.‎

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H 75 (63) cm x W 250/300 cm x D 120 cm
H 75 (63) cm x W 250 cm x D 110 cm

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