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Lightweight, handheld mapper

FARO® ScanPlan is a lightweight, handheld mapper that enables Public Safety & Security Professionals to quickly and easily capture and visualize 2D floor plans for pre-incident planning, threat assesment and crime/fire investigation.‎ FARO® ScanPlan additionally supports AEC Professionals with their 2D as-built documentation, ensures optimal scan job planning, and thus forms the basis for effort estimation and quotation.‎

FARO® ScanPlan, an innovative, handheld device that dramatically speeds up the process of capturing 2D floor plans.‎ It is an ideal tool for anyone who needs to quickly obtain as-built floor plans of buildings for threat assessment, pre-incident planning, fire protection engineering, 2D as-built documentation, or optimal scan job planning.‎ Use the ScanPlan to document floor plans of buildings large and small, including houses, schools, shopping malls, public venues, office buildings, construction sites, and more.‎

Just point and walk to capture a current 2D floor plan of any building.‎ Control the ScanPlan with an easy-to-use smartphone application (Android or iPhone) that shows the floor plan map as it is being captured in real time.‎ The wide-angle field of view makes it easy to map around corners, behind doors, and other hard-to-reach areas.‎ You can even take photographs and map multiple-story buildings, keeping the floors organized as one project.‎ The visual interface makes it easy to confirm that everything you want has been mapped before you leave the building.‎
Bring the captured building map into FARO Zone 2D software to complete your project.‎ Turn the floor plan into a detailed pre-incident plan or threat assessment diagram by adding photographs of critical details, standard symbols, notes, measurements, and more.‎ You can also turn your captured 2D floor map into DXF files that are readable by most CAD system.‎

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