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The candleholder, a useful object for everyday use when electric light was not yet available in the home, is now a piece of furniture that plays an important role among all the decorations of the house. A design candleholder, in fact, not only furnishes by adding personality to each room, but is able to create an evocative atmosphere and spread the flickering and soft light, and sometimes the scent of candles. Used as a support for candles, the candle holders come in different shapes and styles to suit your needs. While retaining their function as carriers of additional light in the event of a blackout, they transcend it to become the focal point inside the room or the protagonists of a special evening. Available in a variety of models and materials, the candle holders are distinguished primarily by the number of candles they support.

The versatility of candle holders

The candle holders are a versatile object, designed to enhance and decorate the interiors of apartments, from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the kitchen to the living room, but also offices, hotels or beauty centers. You can also take them outside, where the candle holder lanterns can be hung, resting on the table, on the floor or on the grass to improvise a romantic picnic. The lanterns are characterized by a solid structure and multiple glasses, which allow the light to spread evenly in all directions.
For those who want to embellish and make elegant the walls, you can choose the wall-mounted candle holders. The latters, thanks to contemporary design combined with classic details of the old lamps, make the wall lights perfect to be applied in the entrance of the house, to give an enchanting light point along the corridor or to illuminate the living room if necessary. In each of these places they will find their perfect location.

One candle holder for all tastes and sizes

Whether they are placed on the ground, on the wall or on a plane, the shape and size are certainly the requirements behind the choice of the candle holder. You can find all types of candle holders, from single ones, which convey elegance when used alone or in combination with each other, to candlesticks, ideal for enhancing the light and to be used as a centerpiece for a formal dinner or for an elegant dinner for two by candlelight. They can be compact, circular, vertical, take the form of other everyday objects, abstract forms or human features. And so, there are those with small dimensions but still able to give a touch of originality to the room, perfect to be positioned even in the tightest spaces. A perfect example are the light holders, which can also be transformed into nice placeholders, or can be used to create light paths. For those who love to leave a mark, there are the large candle holders that can impose their presence and focus on them while fitting perfectly into the surrounding space. This is certainly the characteristic of candelabra, supports for several candles with two or more arms, which start from a vertical support or directly from the base. Individuals or groups allow you to change the atmosphere and the sensations emanated, but more than anything transmit the taste of the user.

Re-immerse yourself in history with candleholders

The candleholders, over the years, have been the subject of various repropositions by the designers to meet every taste and need. So there are the classic style candle holders that look back to a nostalgic past when they were the only source of light and assumed a significant importance within the everyday home. And so there are those with their rich decorations, friezes and inlays, confer further majesty to the room. Colour is also very important, and in fact, there are golden candleholders that are perfect for those who like to bring to life the opulence of ancient noble houses.

The candleholders, expression of a modern style

For those who love this classic object, but with a more essential and minimal style, there are candle holders in modern style. Their main characteristic lies in being timeless objects that give full freedom of expression to those who create and use them. An example of this is the wooden candleholder, a natural but precious material that recreates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For those who want a style with a more sober and simple taste, but also for those who love neutral colors, black & white, shades of gray and beige, you can choose between the candle holders in stone. These with their materiality give the environment a sober style, but at the same time full of charm.

Metal and glass, antique materials for design candle holders

Although there are many variations in the material used for the candle holders, the most common ones today are metal and glass. The glass candle holders are able to recreate an aura of elegance and mystery thanks to the transparencies and reflections typical of this material. In fact, they are perfect for those who love to bring the play of light and color into the room. This selection certainly includes blown glass candleholders, the result of the work of craftsmen who, with their skill, create small masterpieces with sinuous lines and shapes and unparalleled attention to detail. The metal candle holders are the perfect choice for those who love the solidity and expressive strength of this material that is inevitably reflected in the surrounding space. Finally, for those who like to stand out, interesting are those candle holders that combine different and contrasting materials.

Candle holders in history

The candle holders were an ancient lighting system used in houses and inns, as they served as a support for the candle. Particular types of candle holders are the candlesticks, a saucer with a handle and concave housing in which the lumen is inserted. But also the candle holder, often with the base resting on the floor, in which a large candle is placed on a base equipped with a spike tip. But the candleholders also had a religious aura and deep meanings. In fact, they are still used today in the religious sphere, in Christianity as well as in Judaism. For Christians, light becomes a symbol of God and rebirth, so it is necessary for the bearers of this light to reflect the importance of sacredness. For the Jews, instead, the seven-armed candelabrum, the menorah is one of the most important symbols of Judaism and the fulcrum of the festivities. ... More ... less


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