Canopies and garden awnings

Pergolas, gazebos and umbrellas are shading systems for the exterior that allow your outdoor space to be comfortable and usable even in the hottest hours. Awnings for the gardens and terraces can be installed as fixed or mobile elements. Fixed awnings and closure elements are classified as fixed interventions and their installation might require some licenses. Mobile structures, on the other hand, are meant for temporary use and are easy to carry.

Garden gazebos: relaxation in the open air

A garden gazebo allows to enjoy a green area even during the hottest hours. This is an ideal choice to equip an outdoor dining area, while it also offers the opportunity to set up a living area outdoor. The design of the available models is extremely versatile and makes these elements suitable to fit in any contexts, from the garden to the terrace. This is the case of wood gazebos, for instance, which wash the environment with a natural mood; or of metal gazebos, which are great to furnish contemporary style or vintage gardens, playing with the shapes and decorations of the models in wrought iron.

Covers for the garden: pergolas, canopies and winter gardens

Pergolas are elements that help set up comfortable and intimate corners so to enjoy them throughout the warm season. The space underneath it can be furnished with tables and chairs to enjoy lunch outside, or with sun loungers to sunbathe and take a rest. Ideal for being used during the day, they are a flexible solution that perform greatly also in combination with plays of lights at night, and it is especially so if you opt for the model with integrated lighting system. Pergolas in wood are a classic choice that integrates absolutely naturally within the garden setting. Pergolas in iron and aluminum make for a valid alternative with their modern design. Pergolas can be freestanding or flush to the wall, maybe in correspondence of French doors, so to draw a continuous environment with the indoor. As far as the covers for pergolas is concerned, the choice ranges between sliding or rolling covers, made of technical fabrics, and slatted covers. Canopies are an alternative choice to the pergola, however there are a number of substantial differences. While the pergola cover is removable, the canopy cover is fixed, and is generally made of glass or polycarbonate. Canopies for winter gardens are ideal for creating closed environments that can be used in every season, as it can be the case for the outdoor areas of public places. For those who want to create a real outdoor extension of their home, winter gardens are the ideal solution, as they allow to choose materials and design in harmony with the existing style.

Garden umbrellas and awnings; a shaded island for terraces and gardens

Garden umbrellas are useful and versatile mobile accessories. Less bulky than a gazebo, more functional and often adjustable, they are the right choice if you do not have much space available. Garden umbrellas are used to create specific shaded areas and are normally positioned near to a swimming pool. Next to being used for the home setting, their handiness makes them suitable also for the contract sector, beaches equipment, swimming pool, SPA and hospitality. Awnings are an essential accessory at our latitudes as they are effective in limiting the sun light coming through the windows. In addition to contributing to keep the temperature low, they contribute to reduce the light reflection, thus setting up a fresh and semi-shaded oasis indoors. Freestanding awnings are midway between a garden umbrella and the classic sunshade and allow to create a shaded island wherever needed.

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