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FERROFINESTRA By Capoferri Serramenti


Metal thermal break window


Stainless Steel, Steel, Architectural bronze

FERROFINESTRA is a thermally broken window system for small and large façade portions in the tradition of the steel windows as crafted by artisans during the nineteenth and middle of the twentieth century.‎
Built from 5mm solid metal sheet rather than from extruded or folded profiles, FERROFINESTRA allows for seamlessly welded joints and a profile depth which can be adjusted to the thickness of the insulated glass unit.‎
The result is a truly minimalist window which, unlike propriety systems, can be modified and adapted to suit the architects’ requirements without imposing compromises on profile dimensions and opening types.‎
The innovative patent-pending thermal break is integrated into the profile in such a way that the profile sizes especially for operable units (i.‎e.‎ casement, tilt) remain within the classic dimensions of the true artisan metal window of the past, while guaranteeing structural integrity and providing excellent performance values for thermal insulation, air/water/wind tightness and sound insulation.‎
The fully visible hardware adds a “Retro” feel while providing multiple locking points in line with modern window systems.‎

Technical characteristics

FERROFINESTRA is built from 2 flat bars that are seamlessly welded to form a T-profile.‎ The plate which drives the thickness of the window, varies in dimension depending on the required wind loads and the desired size of the window.‎
A thermal break is obtained by milling out material from the centre blade to provide best thermal and structural performance (including wind loads).‎
The glazing stops are made of L-shaped profiles that are screwed onto the centre blade.‎
The hardware produced in-house is made from stainless steel and are designed for the opening type and the weight of moving parts.‎ The hinges made from stainless steel are screwed to the sash and the window frame.‎ A visible Cremone bolt actions the multi-point locking hardware.‎
To guarantee a high-performance specification for water and wind insulation, silicone weather-stripping is provided to the perimeter of the window frame.‎ FERROFINESTRA windows are available in painted steel, stainless steel or weathered bronze.‎ The handles have been carefully studied to match the window design and make the opening and closing of the window smooth and easy.‎ 

Further details
FERROFINESTRA guarantees air permeability in class 4 (highest level) in accordance with UNI EN 1026 – UNI EN 12207.
Water insulation conforms to class E1500 of UNI EN 1027 – UNI EN 12208 for casement/hinged windows (where E1500 stands for excellent performance tested at 1500pa, as against the highest standard level/class 9A, which requires testing at 600pa only).
Wind loads conform to class C5 (highest level) as per UNI EN 12211 – UNI EN 12210.

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