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EPS thermal insulation panel



Thermo Divisorio panels, ideal for internal divisions and external civil and industrial infill panels, they are entirely made of sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a width of 60 cm
10cm, while their length varies depending on the request.‎ In fact, it will be enough to unite together base panels until the desired height is reached, and then insert i metal profiles that will serve to guarantee the panel self-bearing.‎
Inside the panels there are in fact 2 metal profiles with interaxis of 30 cm, in steel hot dip galvanized, pre-drilled and cold rolled 6/10 mm thick and shaped "C".‎
The metal profiles, present in the panel, give the latter high rigidity, guarantee it anchoring to the structure, and in turn ensuring anchoring of any dry finishes (plasterboard, fibrogesso, beads, etc .‎ .‎ .‎ )
Thanks to the lightness of every single element, the movement and installation of the Thermo Partitions are very simple and fast operations without requiring the use of skilled labor and special equipment.‎ moreover, the perfect coupling of the panels is facilitated by the M / f interlocking system which does not require the use of special mortar or adhesives.‎
Thermo Divisorio was created to replace the classic internal partition made with the perforated brick or autoclaved concrete blocks, due to its characteristics of thermal insulation and mechanical resistance, it is also widely used as an element for the perimeter padding of frame structures, or like counter-internal walls on existing structures, fulfilling the dual function of inner coat and structure for dry and / or wet finishes.‎
The installation of the systems is very easy, being able to make the necessary grooves to lay them traces in a clean and economical way using a hot knife, available in any one hardware or that you can request directly from our sales staff.‎ They are thus avoided all assistance costs for operations related to the opening and closing of tracks.‎
Completing our buildings with the Thermo Divider is the logical consequence of the philosophy behind the whole Carbon ED SYSTEM program: The most sought-after insulation combined with the best possible earthquake resistance.‎
A simple and fast system for realizing the internal partitions of the lodgings, always with a view to simplicity and maximum thermal and static output.‎

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