Self-supporting formwork panel for slab

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Self-supporting formwork panel for slab

The attic is a strong point of the new Carbon ED2 line.‎
It was not enough to create a system that was easy to manage, extremely versatile for every size, we wanted to completely eliminate the possible thermal bridges.‎
We could have contented ourselves, but we wanted to avoid that the metal profiles appeared in the intrados, so as to be able to plaster the floor without any precautions.‎
And if all this was also proposed in a kit, without the problems of the pre-set measures?
We succeeded!

The floor ED2 in fact, can be ordered in 2 ways, to measure by design, (the floor will then come according to your technical drawings) or in kit, the floor that is, will be dismantled, compacted and ready for assembly on site.‎ This modality means that the floor does NOT have to be ordered to measure, (with the risk that the design measures will not fit in with the real ones on site), guaranteeing the manufacturer maximum flexibility of use, without any waste, and with the possibility to change the floor frame at any time.‎ Another undoubted advantage is given by the fact that with this mode you can have a small "stock" of material in stock, for any emergency or unexpected on site, or why not, also to optimize transport, all of you know, that not always able to complete the loads with products of this type, we can not "invent" the measures of the floor of a building site that we have not yet taken!

Further info from manufacturer on THERMO SOLAIO
Further details

Designers can calculate the floor as a traditional Bausta type, only much lighter!

The thermotechnics finally find an attic that has no thermal bridge and guarantees a homogeneous insulation whether it is an intermediate floor or a roof.

Real estate agents know that a "hot" house sells better and sooner. They are the first to realize of the incredible advantage.

The builders have the possibility to have a fantastic ceiling at an affordable price with an advantage

Absolute: do not worry about providing measurements at the centimeter, adapting it to the construction site.

The Purchasing Office can procure the product in kit, versatile and very economical, without giving up minimally to the quality Carbon ED SYSTEM. The times and the costs, the costs and the times, is a fixed nail that we help to remove.

The managers of the works know that the work will proceed as planned and that the sections, the concrete cover the mechanical resistance, are those indicated in the project. Revisiting perfectly coplanar floors and without noticing any metal profile, makes us want to direct an important work.

You want to know why the attic is up to what is considered the best way to build energy-efficient and earthquake-proof homes?

Those responsible for security will not believe their eyes. An attic with a self-supporting capacity that goes well beyond the declared values, offers the possibility of being able to visit the shipyard also "by surprise", without having to deal with your conscience or with those who pay the parcel.

The installers prefer the kit system by far, because they immediately understood the potential and speed of the installation.

The electricians are able to play, inserting the corrugated, they do not have to cut the sheets and be reprimanded by the Works Management, all hidden and there is room for everything.

The cartongessists do not have to do is take the screws a bit 'longer and screw the plates into correspondence of the written.

The bricklayers can plaster without any problem, the era is over having to cover the metal profiles or give nets on rei and mortar on mortar. The surface is perfectly plastered even for only 5 mm.

The lightness of the element (about 7 Kg / sqm) facilitates the handling and laying of the work, which normally takes place manually, thus reducing the use of construction equipment; all this translates into a drastic reduction in time and costs. For example a panel 5 ml long and 60 cm wide (therefore with a surface of 3 sqm) weighs only 21 kg and can easily be moved by one worker. The assembly times and the need for construction equipment (props and structural work in the interlocking sections and cross-sections) are drastically reduced. This is thanks to the self-bearing capacity of the Carbon ED SYSTEM Slab, its weight at the foot of about 7 Kg / sqm and to the fact that both the joists' widening in the interlocking section, the realization of the cross-sections, and any cuts inclined can, if necessary, be set up in the factory, ready for installation. The raw material with which it is produced is EPS (Polystyrene foam with high density) self-extinguishing and non-toxic. All this means that the advantages of a thrown injected concrete slab add to the benefits of reducing energy consumption, the best reaction to the seismic effect and a greater speed execution.

Ed2 Collection by Carbon ED SYSTEM ®
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