Cariboni group DUAL LED die cast aluminium street lamp


DUAL By Cariboni group


LED die cast aluminium street lamp

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Dual is a post top lighting unit designed for urban spaces and routes.‎ It comes in two different configurations: with a central post top fastening and rotosymmetric optics, or with an off-centre post top fastening and both asymmetrical and street asymmetrical optics.‎ Two different colour temperatures are available: neutral white (4000K) and warm white (3000K).‎
The new post top is a solid and reliable product that respects environmental sustainability requirements imposed by ecodesign.‎ Components, materials and finishes have been chosen to be long-lasting and resistant to corrosion, overloading and knocks.‎ The optical compartment, light source and power unit can be substituted for maintenance and updates in order to further prolong the lifespan of the product.‎
Dual is supplied with cable and plug-socket connector in order to facilitate installation and connection to the mains electricity supply.‎ The standard versions are supplied with a light flux adjustment system that provides for a 30% reduction in flux at Virtual Midnight.‎ Remote management systems, available on request, allow for the optimisation of maintenance works and a further reduction in system costs.‎
The product is also set up for the integration of sensors and communication devices that enable the Internet of Things and smart services for residents and tourists.‎ Sensors and antennae can be added either during installation or later, as a system update.‎ The mechanical interface used is that defined by the Zhaga Consortium’s Book 18, which guarantees administrations interoperability between the various products chosen for their area of jurisdiction.‎

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Further details
Source Flux: 2200-8405lm
Source Power: 11.5 - 48W
Colour Temperature: 3000K, 4000 K
Colour Rendering Index: CRI≥70, SMCD ≤4
Smart Lighting: Virtual midnight.
On request DALI, 4-pin socket (ZHAGA Book 18), CLO

Screen: Transparent polycarbonate UV stabilized with photoengraving
Body and tang: Die-cast aluminium primary alloy UNI EN AB 47100 (copper content <1%)
Lenses: PMMA High transparent
Colours: Sablé100 Noir
Finish: Phospho-chromatation treated and polyester powder-coated in 16 phases to increase weather resistance

Max Weight: 6 kg
Electronic Power Supply: Included
Pre-wiring: Included, provided with cable and 2-pin connect or
Installation: Pole Ø 60mm or Ø 76mm with reduction

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