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Stabilized lichens By Carlo Civera


Other materials vegetal frame

Carlo Civera, over the years, has always experimented with new ways to introduce nature into masonry spaces created by man.‎ From this "green" philosophy comes the idea of using stabilized natural lichen (also commonly called Moss) to create free-maintenance vegetal frames.‎ Thanks to the characteristics and the different colors of the stabilized lichen, Carlo Civera can make many creative projects.‎ There is no standard product, it is possible to customize:
• The dimensions of the frame
• The colors of lichens
• The color of the frame
Thanks to the stabilized lichens Carlo Civera combines in its projects both the technical and the aesthetic aspect with a single budget.‎ The main feature of lichen, in fact, is the high sound-absorbing performance: it reduces the sound frequency of the voice by 90%.‎ It also has no bacterial charge, does not attract dust, is fireproof, unwelcome to insects, does not grow, should not be pruned and should not be irrigated.‎ These characteristics, combined with the long duration in time (the moss maintains its beauty for over 8 years), make the stabilized lichen the ideal product in the field of interior decoration and for the creation of indoor green areas.‎
Do you like lichens but want an alternative solution? Discover our artificial vertical gardens, made with our highest quality artificial plants.‎

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I nostri giardini verticali sono realizzati a mano su misura utilizzando lichene nordico stabilizzato di altissima qualità.

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