Infrared Finnish sauna with shower

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Infrared Finnish sauna with shower

A single cabin for 5 heat baths.

Equilibrium Circle represents an unique experience, that you can reach thanks to Carmenta’s implemented  high technologies.
In a single cabin you can enjoy 5 different heat baths, ensuring a sauna suitable for everybody.
Part of the Sensation range, it is the right solution for your home spa, but it is also a perfect choice for a wellness center who wants to offer its clients a complete heat treatment.

Finnish sauna.
The heaters delivers the principles of the Finnish sauna providing a space of total relax.
The temperature is of 85-100° C and the relative humidity is of 25-50%.
Hot air bath.
Recommended for people who fin the Finnish sauna too intense.
Temperature is lower (40-60°C) and so the levelo of humidity (10-20%).
Tropical bath.
The temperature (45-75° C) and the level of relative humidity (20-50%) make this heat bath similar to a walk in the tropical forest.
The body relaxes and the skin is softer.
Aromas bath.
With a temperature of 40-45° C and a relative humidity of 40-45%, it is the ideal bath to associate to Aromatherapy.
Nervous system is stimulated and the body relaxes.
Soft steam bath.
This treatment is the most similar to the Steam bath with the only difference being that it is kinder and gentler on the skin.
Temperature of 46°-70° C and relative humidity of 40-55% make this heat bath relaxing and pleasant.

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Sensation Collection by CARMENTA
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