Carpeting is one of the most popular floor covering solutions. One of the reasons for buying a carpeting is undoubtedly its functional aspect, which sometimes prevails over its aesthetic aspect. The fact that it is a thermal and acoustic insulation makes it perfect for work environments, offices and hotels. It is an extremely comfortable and functional type of flooring and the variety of models available allows you to choose from various proposals of textile flooring suitable for any type of context: among the many, vinyl fabric carpets, patterned, checked and synthetic fiber are still the most requested, to be matched in a balanced manner with the other finishes and the surrounding furniture.

Materials: the right carpeting for every room in the house

There are different types of carpets, in natural materials - such as wool - and in synthetic materials. There are a large number of types of carpets on the market: from textile carpets to plastic carpets, metal and synthetic carpets. Woven vinyl carpeting are among the most popular, as are synthetic fibre carpets. The velvet carpeting is less in demand than the others because it defines a very special style of furniture. But since there are so many variations of color and material, how do you choose a carpeting? The first parameter of choice, even before aesthetics or cost, is the use made of it and the frequency with which it is trampled. When covering the floor of the bedrooms, a carpeting with a delicate fabric can be suitable, while for corridors or passageways it is better to choose a material with a stronger grip. Then you need to consider aesthetics: from solid-coloured carpets to patterned carpets to plastic carpets to square carpets, there are so many solutions. A truly versatile furniture proposal that has recently begun to spread even in modern homes.

Carpeting a floor: yes or no?

Not everyone agrees with the choice of a carpeting floor covering. But regardless of taste, such a textile floor has undeniable advantages that make it one of the most popular solutions in floor coverings. First of all, the carpeting retains the dust from the environment: scientific studies have shown that dust in the air can be reduced by up to 80% in a carpeting environment. Dusts that can be removed simply by using a vacuum cleaner. In addition, the fact that it is an excellent insulator plays an important role in favor of textile flooring: thermal and acoustic insulation, is therefore ideal for professional environments and hotels. ... More ... less
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