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Double-sided acoustic desk screen

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Double-sided acoustic desk screen



The term Scriba (from the Latin scribo meaning I write) refers to anyone who used to write, keep accounts or perform any other work linked to the world of writing and books.‎ Designed specifically for these activities, the Scriba sound-absorbing panel is perfect for optimising the acoustic conditions of a working environment, an office or a call centre, i.‎ e.‎ anywhere with several desks or tables.‎  Adequate acoustics affects productivity and encourages dialogue or telephone conversations without disturbing neighbouring colleagues.‎ It is available in two heights so it can be used in the office where communication is required among workers, or in environments where a higher panel helps to isolate workers better from any noises and other colleagues’ voices (customer service offices, call centres, etc).‎
Scriba is a double-sided sound-absorbing panel designed to be easily installed onto horizontal surfaces through a special clamp fastening system or simply by resting it on its own base made from satin stainless steel or from steel painted aluminium grey.‎
The range of colours available helps characterise any environment, adapting it to the needs of the interior designer.‎
The Scriba panel is available with two types of sound-absorbing material:Scriba M with Basotect® melamine resin by Basf® and Scriba W with Whisper® material by Stratocell®.‎

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