Casalgrande Padana BIOS ANTIBACTERIAL CERAMICS® Antibacterial full-body porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles




Antibacterial full-body porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Bios Antibacterial is the line of porcelain stoneware tiles which can kill 99.‎9% of the four main bacterial strains present in the atmosphere.‎
This exclusive range of bioactive, certified, environmentally friendly porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles is the product makes use of the anti-bacterial properties of titanium dioxide , a natural material that gives off no harmful emissions and in fact significantly reduces the amount of harmful substances in the air in both indoor and outdoor spaces, thus making the atmosphere healthier and removing bad odours.‎
Bios Antibacterial® highly effective, killing 99.‎9% of the four main bacterial strains present in confined spaces: Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.‎ 
Suitable for any indoor or outdoor setting, Bios Antibacterial® also helps to eliminate bad odours and is perfect for any room of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen, where - thanks to our thin, largeformat tiles - it can be used for worktops or to clad tables or cabinets.‎ Moreover, the presence of moisture - which is traditionally fertile ground for bacteria to develop - actually increases the beneficial effects of the technology.‎
In swimming pools and outdoor areas, Bios Antibacterial® technology helps to kill bacteria and fight the formation of mould and fungus.‎
Their high performance and multiple composition options make our collections the ideal solution for interior and exterior floors and coverings in any sector ranging from residential and commercial buildings to urban furniture and restoration works.‎
Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are guaranteed for life and are long-lasting, unalterable, nonabsorbent, and inert.‎ They also feature exceptional resistance to fire, flexure, frost, wear, and
aggressivechemicals (except for hydrofluoric acid).‎ They are completely recyclable, do not fear temperature fluctuations (whatever the latitude), do not warp, ensure high mechanical strength, do not age, and remain unchanged over time.‎

Easy to lay and clean
Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are easy to lay in any setting, including residential buildings and high-traffic settings, such as shopping centres, schools, offices, restaurants, and any location.‎ They don’t even require particular maintenance.‎ Simply follow a few easy cleaning instructions.‎

Thanks to its expertise, Casalgrande Padana can provide the fullest, most efficient and certified range of bioactive ceramics.‎ The products have been grouped into two specialist ranges that can fulfil any interior or exterior application requirement through the best possible combination of antibacterial, self-cleaning and pollutantreducing effects, depending on the intended use.‎ The colours, finishes and sizes the designer can choose from are fit for any application and combine excellent aesthetic and finishing solutions with world-class technical specifications.‎ 

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Bios Ceramics Collection by Casalgrande Padana
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