Casalis EARTH Solid-color custom rug


EARTH | Rug By Casalis


Solid-color custom rug

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EARTH is carpet inspired by a desire to reconnect with nature.‎ Designer Liset van der Scheer wanted to bring the experience of wandering through a forest into the interior sphere.‎‎ To realise her vision, Casalis flexed their creative and technological skills, employing an innovative, 3D tufting technique to create a 3D structured carpet that mimics the texture and appearance of moss.‎‎ In order to truly live up to the name of EARTH, Casalis used natural materials in the creation of the collection.‎‎ This included wool and natural latex.‎ The colours of EARTH are appropriately named after earthly elements - CLOUD, FOREST, MOSS, STONE, SAND and DUST –dyed to match their namesake.‎‎

This series of carpets, poufs, cushions, and plaids brings a touch of the outdoors inside the home.‎ This nature-inspired collection adds an earthy, serene atmosphere to any space.‎ The objects knitted with Merino wool excite the senses with their ton-sur-ton organic shades of nature and luxuriously tactile surfaces.‎ A refined touch of the outdoors in an elegant indoor landscape.‎

EARTH collection is knitted entirely in merino wool, causing no itchy reactions when touching your skin.‎ Thanks to their long fibers, our Earth accessories do not pill, making our products extremely durable.‎

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Custom size and shape rugs.
Maximum carpet width 400 cm
Maximum carpet length 500 cm

Earth Collection by Casalis
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