CD racks

The CD cabinet is the perfect piece of furniture for all music and film lovers and, of course, for lovers of order. If you have a decent collection of records, DVDs or other audiovisual media of this type, the CD libraries will become the place to catalog all your collections. You can order your CDs by genre, your DVDs in alphabetical order and keep everything in perfect condition. It will become so easy to know where to find your favorite title and enjoy moments of pure relaxation in your home, comfortably seated at your sofa.

Types of CD-holder furniture

The CD racks can be of different types, their characteristics vary depending on your needs and the space available in your home. The most classic and used by music lovers, are certainly the CD column cabinets: they are high and narrow shelves, with different shelves and compartments. Simple and practical, they allow you to store the boxes in a small space and in an orderly manner. They can be positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs. The CD wall modules are the most convenient solution for those who have little space, but still do not want to give up their passion: the individual elements can be hung on the walls of your room and be arranged in a regular or staggered, to give it a touch of style and originality. Modern CD cabinets go beyond the simple concept of storage units to become true furnishing elements that characterise and identify the environment in which they are placed. A design CD holder can, for example, have an irregular or curved shape, an abstract structure with many small compartments arranged in the most unthinkable positions. Finally, the CD swivel cabinets are widely used in record stores or bookcases: they are column elements that work at 360 °, all sides of the structure are in fact exploited and become storage compartments. It saves space and makes it even easier to consult lists and collections. When it is fully charged, the structure is almost nullified and the boxes are totally at the centre of attention.

The right CD cabinet for every style

Like any other piece of furniture, CD cabinets need to be in tune with the style of your home. The standard CD holder columns are perfect for a minimal or more classic environment: without giving too much attention, in fact, they perform their function becoming an integral part of a simple and orderly environment. For houses with a more modern and contemporary style, on the other hand, you'll be spoilt for choice! The CD cabinets now offer endless possibilities: elements with an original and refined touch will make the corner of the music your small personalized space in the house. Another very interesting option is to combine your CD cabinet with storage compartments for the placement of speakers or even opt directly for the choice of CD cabinets with integrated stereo system. In this way, the technical and audio components will be hidden and in order, and you will still enjoy the pleasure of listening to your favorite music.

How to choose a CD cabinet?

The most common CD holders are usually made up of simple shelves with many small custom-made compartments, designed specifically to hold the boxes of your Compact Discs or DVDs. The CD cabinets can be made of different materials, but the most seen are absolutely the CD cabinets in metal or wood, both supports very simple and practical to work with and need little maintenance. The compartments are also often combined with small glass doors that allow you to keep all your favorite titles in sight and at the same time ensure cleanliness and protection from dust.

DIY CD cabinet: how to have it in your own home

If you want to combine your passion for music with the hobby of DIY, you can build your own CD holder in a few simple steps. This way you will also have the possibility to create a container perfectly adaptable to the spaces and sizes of your home. The choice of materials is naturally very varied and depends on your ideas, your manual skills and the quality you want to achieve. One of the simplest ideas is, for example, to reuse old containers, such as wooden boxes for wine or fruit, to which you can perhaps add small shelves in between, in order to make the most of them and save as much space as possible. One of the alternatives that requires more effort is instead to realize the modules with wooden panels. You will first have to design your piece of furniture, equip yourself with the right tools of the trade, but in the end you will be able to decide the shape and size of the compartments and decorate them to your liking. ... More ... less

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