Ceadesign ABACO Stainless steel and marble modular bathroom system


ABACO | Integrated modular system By Ceadesign


Stainless steel and marble modular bathroom system

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Abaco is an integrated modular system, AISI 316L stainless steel, Bronze satin finish, Fior di Bosco marble cladding.‎
Toilet module with integrated bidet function and rollaway water jet toilet cleaner, heated seat with soft-open and soft-close lid, toilet roll holder, drawer unit covered in eco-leather and LED lighting (3000 K) with presence sensor.‎ AISI 316L stainless steel, Bronze satin finish, Fior di Bosco marble cladding.‎

After twenty years of experience in designing sanitary fittings and over 40 years in the world of project design and development, ABACO is born, for CEA the evolution of the bathroom, an embodiment of experience, technology, and innovation.‎ ABACO is the fil-rouge which runs through the life of Natalino Malasorti, founder and art director of the company, visionary designer, custodian of knowledge and advocate of constant research in the world of bathroom.‎

ABACO is a modular, sober, and linear system, which hides sanitary functions and plant-engineering technology within a single volume, aimed at adapting to any room of a house.‎ It presents itself as a silent and elegant object that when in function, shows all the strength of its innovation.‎ The toilet which is an Industrial Invention Patent by Natalino Malasorti himself, merges drain, flush and bidet functions.‎ Furthermore, the toilet module: promotes the gender equal toilet use where men and women sit down regardless their sex; permits to increase comfort and relax thanks to its sitting position on an ergonomic heated seat; grants hygiene and ease of cleaning because it is made of stainless steel; eliminating the removable seat, it prevents the transfer of bacterial contaminations on the surfaces.‎ This monolithic composition is equipped with a plinth with floor lighting as a courtesy light, and along the entire rear of the volume, so as to illuminate the wall on which it rests.‎

ABACO is entirely made of stainless steel, a high-performance material, hygienic, antibacterial, totally recyclable, and ideal in a bathroom environment.‎ Its durability over time is the essence of quality and ecology.‎ Even the special finishes (Black Diamond, Light Gold, Copper and Bronze) in which ABACO is available are obtained through environmentally friendly processes.‎

To enrich the modularity of the compositions, natural cladding materials such as marble and wood are added allowing different interpretations and shades for an even more sculptural and refined style.‎ To highlight the innovative character of ABACO, the thickness of the front of the drawer units and the tops have been reduced to 10 mm for a particularly clean and elegant volume.‎

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