CEDIT Ceramiche d'Italia CROMATICA Indoor/outdoor porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


CROMATICA By CEDIT Ceramiche d'Italia


Indoor/outdoor porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Cromatica - The expressive code of colour.‎ The past that inspires the present.‎
A lexicon of colour shades for mixing.‎ A large size and its submultiples.‎Available in six encoded colours, a background and two complementary surface finishes – matt and glossy – the “Cromatica” collection brings out a sensitive and original reflection in the domination of pure colour.‎ The large porcelain stoneware glazed sheets are fields where the chromatic quotient in pastel shades, softly mixed together and rich in variations of intensity, comes through in a multiplication of apparently infinite shades.‎ In addition to being kept in its large size, the sheet can also be cut down to smaller sizes, making it an open and versatile collection.‎
«This work represents a reflection on colour, and above all a proposal on how to transfer the multiplicity of shades typical of a hand-crafted piece into a project produced on a large scale.‎» Andrea Trimarchi & Simone Farresin

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120x240 cm-48"x95"
120x120 cm-48"x48"
12x24 cm-43/4"x91/2"
6x24 cm-23/8"x91/2"
360x240 cm-1413/4""x95"
Spessore/thickness: 6.00 mm

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