431 Ceiling panels

The ceiling panels allow to reduce the height of the room concerned through a construction work consisting of a flat surface with a light structure. They have a double function: functional - with a covering in thermo-insulating, sound-absorbing and/or sound-insulating or fireproof material - and aesthetic. There are different ways of making the ceilings, but the main difference is the possibility that it can be disassembled or not. The installation of ceiling panels is a solution that planners and property owners often consider in order to reduce the size of rooms with a high height, hide systems and imperfections of the ceiling and improve the thermo-acoustic comfort of the rooms.

For every need: beautiful and functional ceiling panels

The realization of a false ceiling determines a decrease in the useful height of the room and can have a practical or aesthetic function. The choice of ceiling panels can therefore be based on practical reasons - and therefore on the very function of the panels - or aesthetic ones. First of all, the type of panel to be used must always be defined. The panels for acoustic and sound-absorbing false ceilings are suitable for soundproofing environments: widely used in professional interiors, they are ideal for conference rooms or meeting rooms. Fire-retardant ceiling panels as well as moisture-resistant ceiling panels are most commonly used in public buildings, although their use is also widespread in domestic environments. There are also ceiling panels for sanitary environments, suitable for structures such as hospitals and clinics. One of the most purchased types is that of anti-seismic ceiling panels, tested to withstand any seismic events.

The point on aesthetics: false ceiling slabs that decorate the space

Not only functional, the ceiling panels are also a decorative element with which to furnish their own environments. In addition to helping the aesthetics of the interiors by allowing you to hide wires, pipes, heating or air conditioning systems, responding to system needs, they offer creative furnishing solutions. With plasterboard ceiling panels you can obtain suggestive and impressive environments. If the possibility of integrating lighting and ceiling coverings is taken into consideration, spotlights can be installed inside the ceiling or LED lighting can be used. Among the most requested ceiling panels are plaster panels, which can also be used for false walls. The use of inspectable ceiling slats makes it easy to check the part hidden by the ceiling, making it easier to inspect, as well as ensuring an alternating effect. Wood-effect ceiling panels are ideal for environments with a traditional furnishing style, just as metal ceiling panels are particularly suitable for public and professional structures or for interiors with modern furnishings. ... More ... less


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