205 Centerpieces

The centrepiece is a decorative object that is generally placed in the centre of the table, whether it is placed in the living area or in the dining area. The centrepiece was originally created as an important decorative element for tables and banquets for receptions and parties - just think of the large floral centrepieces for weddings or Christmas, for Thanksgiving or other important holidays. In these occasions it becomes not only the fulcrum of the table but in a certain sense it also establishes the theme of all the other decorations present in the room. Over time, from being an often cumbersome object, the centrepiece has become a smaller and commonly used object, able not only to make the table on which it is placed unique and attractive, but to give style to the entire room. The most common are the glass centrepieces where you can play on the contrast between the transparency of the material and what it contains.

The centerpiece, a versatile and multifunctional object

The centerpiece has now been reduced in size both to prevent it from occupying the entire table top and to allow easier distribution of the plates. Usually it has the shape of a bowl, a plate or a tray that can be enriched by giving ample space to your creativity: some centerpieces often contain flowers, shells or colored stones and, sometimes, also act as emptying trays. Usually they are also embellished with seasonal or themed decorations, such as the Christmas centerpiece that often incorporates a candle. The kitchen centerpiece can also contain fresh or dried fruit, seasonal vegetables, chocolates and candies. For a more sober table, the centerpiece can be left simply empty or, alternatively, if you want to give more elegance and shine to the table, the silver centerpiece is the right choice.

How to choose the right centerpiece for your home

The centerpiece is made of a wide variety of shapes and materials. High or low, coloured or formal, from the classic to the most unusual shape, a design centrepiece can really satisfy all styles and tastes. For example, the wooden centerpiece brings a touch of warmth to the table and adapts to a more minimalist environment. For a whiter table you can choose a porcelain centerpiece or even a white ceramic centrepiece with simple shapes or metal decorations and a more refined design.

Innovative materials for modern centerpieces

The more traditional materials are flanked by modern table centers made with less usual materials. Some are made with lighter and more natural materials, such as cork, others with heavier materials that give a certain value to the table, such as concrete or marble centerpieces. A DIY centerpiece made from a wide variety of objects could be a quick and inexpensive way to put your creativity to the test. The possibility to choose from a wide range of materials and to customize the centerpiece according to your tastes will make the table always original and in line with the style of the house and the people who live there. ... More ... less
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