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PALLADIANA By Ceramica Bardelli


Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Glazed porcelain stoneware

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A harmony of colors and halftones of modern taste, enhanced by the finest Italian tradition.‎
Palladiana, the new collection of porcelain tiles by Ceramica Bardelli, suitable for both floors and walls, is the result of the recent collaboration between the company and Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto from Studiopepe.‎
The collection, available in the rectified monocaliber 60x60 cm and 60x120cm formats, with a 10.‎5 mm thickness, is characterized by its rich aesthetic which is a result of the combination of different materials by type and nature, like stones, gypsum, cements, textiles and wood, expertly blended in shades of colors and tones capable of interacting with the surroundings without prevailing over it, but emphasising the aesthetic values of interior design.‎ Four families of color: light grey, anthracite-black, beige and a multicolour version with pastel shades.‎ The collection is completed by three additional versions decorated in shades of gray, black and beige, designed to enrich its versatility even further.‎ Collection is completed with two plain variants in beige (Palladiana 2B) and grey (Palladiana 3B), in size 60x60cm, rectified monocalibre.‎
The chromatic alphabet developed by Palladiana, created by using soft colors and earthy shades, gives the collection a modern and extremely contemporary final result.‎ A unique and refined range of colors perfect to enhance any residential environment or to enrich and to adorn any kind of environment.‎ Palladiana, with its unusual color combinations and its always different decorative schemes, is able to recall that touch of elegance and prestige typical of the large Italian mansions, which have helped the Italian design taste to become known worldwide.‎

Technical features
Typology: glazed stoneware
Size: 60x120cm, 60x60, 10.‎5mm thickness
Surface: Matte with satin finish
Colors: Gray, Black Anthracite, Beige, Polychrome in pastel shades
Certifications: R9, DCOF

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Further details

Collection of coloured body, rectified monocalibre porcelain tiles, for both floor and wall coverings.

Matt finish materic texture obtained thanks to specific manufacturing techniques and leading-edge glazes, highlighting to the touch the different portions of matter.

Available in four different colours, in size 60x60cm and 60x120cm, 10.5mm thickness, plus three matching decorated porcelain tiles, in size 60x120cm, which surface is enriched by a fine, contrasting structured cross-hatching.

All the items are produced in six different designs, in order to offer a compatible overall layout, that is different every time.

60 x 120 cm (24”x48”)
60 x 60 cm (24"x24")
th. 10.5 mm
Bim and Cad
Materials & Textures

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Materials & Textures
Palladiana 60x60 - 3D
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