Ceramiche Piemme FRAGMENTS | Wall/floor tiles with wood effect

Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with wood effect


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Ceramiche Piemme

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FRAGMENTS | Wall/floor tiles with wood effect


Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with wood effect


Porcelain stoneware


Pierre Charpin has chosen the name "Fragments" for the Ceramiche Piemme collection, paying tribute to the painstaking task of gathering and composing references to his artistic work, elements of the history of the company from Fiorano Modenese, inspirations and trends linked to his vision of space and surfaces.‎ A world of signs and hints summarised in two extremely iconic decorations - Form and Oblong.‎
Fragments is also a reference to the breakdown and reconstruction of several materials in the design for the same surfaces: the shiny, continuous effect of resin, the playful effects of the forms in stone, the use of maiolica on the walls.‎ The basic concept is the idea of generating harmony, starting from diversity.‎ In this way, floors and walls can be “dressed” in an outfit combining shiny and matte surfaces; monochrome and decorated designs; a resin effect with stone, creating insertions and movements in the space.‎
The result is a particularly elegant and eclectic collection, just like its designer, capable of passing from art to design, from the partnership with Hermès to that with Alessi and from the porcelain of Sèvres to the tiles of Ceramiche Piemme.‎
Fragments by Pierre Charpin is available in 4 natural shades: from the lightest colour Milk to the darkest one Charcoal (dark grey), and with the grey Cloud shade and the warmer Tan tone in between, in both the Form and Oblong decorations and also in the mono-chrome resin effect (Resin) and wood effect (Wood) surfaces.‎ For wall coverings with tiles that recreate the Maiolica effect, another two shades are available: Fern and Ocean.‎ There are three 3-dimensional finishes - Dune, Paint and Hatch- which add bold textures to the collection.‎

Technical characteristics:
Resin e Wood: coloured-bodyPorcelain stoneware
Sizes Resin: 60x120cm, 80x80cm, 60x60cm (Naturale, Rettificato e Bocciardato) 30x60cm
Sizes Wood: 20X120cm (Naturale, Rettificato e Outdoor Ret), 10X60cm
Resin Decorations: Form e Oblong
3D Structure Resin: Dune, Paint e Hatch
Mosaico 30X30cm
Shades: Milk, Cloud, Tan, Charcoal

Maiolica: White Body
Sizes Maiolica: 7,5X30cm
Shades: Milk, Cloud, Tan, Charcoal, Ocean, Fern

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20X120cm (Naturale, Rettificato e Outdoor Ret), 10X60cm

Fragments Collection by Ceramiche Piemme
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