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”A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why Chippendale is famous.” (Mies Van der Rohe)
The chair is a key furnitue element whether it’s in the living or dining room, in the office or in the garden, in housholds or in contract furniture supplies. Its design comes from the bench and it has become in centuries an object that all designers love. The chair puts together functionality and aesthetics. On Archiproducts you can choose among countless models which are adaptable to any room and office.

Stackable chairs or foldable ones, for example, allow for easy storage and are really useful in contractors managed venues and where available space is little, while swiveling chairs or chairs with casters allow for great movement freedom when matched to tables and desks. Besides the classic four leg version, there are many other base types that you can consider when choosing a chair. A cantilever chair invented by Mart Stam in 1926 and reinterpreted by important designers like Marcel Breuer and Mies Van der Rohe, is supported by two tubular steel struts connected by a crossbeam. The sled base chair, instead, has a base made by two parallel sleds and it’s ideal in waiting rooms or conference halls for its lightness and movement ease.

The materials with which seats, seatbacks and bases can be made are many. From the most traditional ones to the most modern and avant-garde ones. The classic look of wood is alternated with modern steel and aluminium which have remarkable mechanical strain resistance. There are also innovative plastic materials like polypropilene, technopolymer and polycarbonate. The material used for the seat is fundamental. Fabric for an informal room, leather for a touch of elegance.

How to choose the right chair? First, think about the room in which you’re going to put it. An office chair will have to be comfortable so you must focus on ergonomy. Height adjustable chairs coming with armrests are the ones to choose. A kitchen chair should be wear resistant and easily washable, so choose a removable cover chair made with non-porous durable materials. The choice of a living room chair, instead, will be tied to the looks of the room and personal taste: upholstered chairs, capitonnè making, or medallion chairs to put functionality and style together, from the classic to the contemporary. ... More ... less


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