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Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs, characteristic of the furnishings of a living room or kitchen, can be useful points of support and relaxation in a hallway or entrance, in the study or in the bedroom. The variety of models, covers, finishes and materials offered by the market makes the choice of this type of seat very wide, facilitating its placement. Thinking about their use, the surrounding furnishings and the environment to which they will be destined, will indicate which upholstered chairs best meet our needs. In fact, for each environment, the upholstered chair is defined by specific functions and aesthetic characteristics that are rarely interchangeable. Therefore, depending on their use, we will choose: swivel padded chairs or chairs with wheels for the home office; classic models with a wooden structure instead will be ideal in more intimate environments such as kitchens or living rooms. Once the intended use and materials have been defined, one may then proceed with the choice of the specific model and covering. The upholstery of the shell generates different aesthetics: continuous and enveloping or with an open backrest, without losing comfort. With regard to upholstery, those in leather or hide facilitate cleaning and durability, while those in fabric are ideal for softer seating and can be removed if necessary. In any case, the most important feature to consider in an upholstered chair, whether placed next to a table or a 'dressing table cabinet', is the height of the padding, so as not to interfere with the seating position of guests and to allow the chair to be placed under the table top when they stand up. ... More ... less


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