Chaise longues

The chaise longue is a furnishing accessory with a versatile character, capable of combining functionality and aesthetics. A fascinating piece of furniture, synonymous with comfort and relaxation, the chaise longue has become over time also a symbol of luxury furniture, not so much for economic reasons but rather for space, since inserting a chaise longue in an environment requires not exactly limited space. Comfortable and spacious like a sofa, but with private and personal use like an armchair, the chaise longue furnishes playing with materials and shapes. To be combined with a sofa and armchair, or chosen in such a way as to create a contrast - chromatic and stylish - with the other furnishing accessories, its ideal location is in open space living rooms and contemporary living rooms, but it is also perfectly suited to other environments, such as the study or the bedroom, or even outdoors, offering moments of relaxation.

Chaise longue: the story of a true design icon

The French term "chaise longue" literally means long chair, and refers precisely to the fact that the seat is elongated, halfway between the bed and the armchair, and allows a very comfortable lying position. We can believe that the Roman triclinium is the first example of chaise longue in history, while in more recent times is the nineteenth-century dormeuse its closest counterpart, although the dormeuse has then had its own particular development and is still on the market today, differing from the chaise longue for the shape more straight and relaxed, more like a bed than a lounge chair. The most famous chaise longue in history is certainly LC4, the modern variant designed by Le Corbusier in the 20s of the last century, a true icon of design, present in many museums around the world, with tubular steel structure and upholstered seat covered in leather, defined by its author himself as a "resting machine".

The design of modern chaise longues

The chaise longue is a piece of furniture that lends itself to continuous stylistic experimentation, through shapes, colors, combinations of materials, confirming its nature as a versatile product that not only offers a comfortable and comfortable seat, but is able to capture the attention with an innovative design.
The evolution of design in modern chaise longues has achieved the goal, in some models more than others, to improve ergonomics and comfort, but also to make this piece of furniture a true style icon.

Models and styles of contemporary chaise longues

The chaise longue is an element capable of becoming the protagonist of a space and of contributing to the aesthetic rendering of a furnishing project with modern or classic design models.
A padded chaise longue is one of the most popular models: the softness of its shape, the colours and patterns of the fabrics allow interesting combinations and contrasts. A capitonné chaise longue attracts attention, which is why it is important to design its position appropriately within the surrounding context. The leather chaise longue fits perfectly into both traditional style environments and contemporary living areas.
The metal chaise longues, on the other hand, with their minimalist lines, fit perfectly into modern environments.

Chaise longue, better in the living or sleeping area?

Having a chaise longue means having a corner for oneself, for one's own relaxation, an intimate moment to allow oneself in the increasingly hectic and confusing daily life. The choice of whether or not to place this furniture in the living or sleeping area is up to the person and the use that you decide to make of it. Some people combine it with their sofa, others furnish the bedroom with this complement, imagining the sleeping area much more intimate and quiet than a living room. The spaces are also decisive in the choice: you do not always have the space to insert sofa, armchair and coffee table together... with a chaise longue everything gets complicated. Approximately 160 cm in length and one and a half metres in volume must be taken into account to ensure that the environment does not appear to be sacrificed. In many cases you opt for sofas with chaise longue just to make up for this lack: it is a real extension of one side of the sofa, with the result that you can lie down without occupying more of your place. In the bedroom, the subject changes: you can not integrate this furniture to any other complement, so if you decide to have it is because you have enough space to accommodate it and the desire to make your room a small corner of paradise.

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