BRIDGE | Sectional sofa

Sectional fabric sofa with integrated magazine rack


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BRIDGE | Sectional sofa By Citterio


Sectional fabric sofa with integrated magazine rack



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Bridge is a modular system for waiting and agile-working chairs.‎ Accessory surfaces - square, round or rectangular - allow endless compositions and solutions.‎
Electrical wiring is provided through socket units fitted along the frame beam.‎ By changing the seat orientation, the mobile backrest can be turned into and armrest or a convenient worktop.‎
Seats can be aligned or orthogonal to one another, thus creating different scenarios depending on the layout of backrests and armrests.‎
Modularity becomes a prerequisite for freedom, the freedom to combine upholstered elements in many different ways, to obtain many different aesthetic and functional solutions.‎

Bridge is an office furniture system composed of self-supporting benches and tables that can be combined in different configurations, free-standing or resting on a bench.‎ Bridge can suit operational functions as well as meetings or reception/shared environments.‎ It is a modular and versatile system whose various functions are defined by its 3 heights: 67 cm, benches with supporting function for worktops, suspended drawers and screens; 75 cm desk and meeting table worktops; 107 cm, benches for meeting areas or used as reception counters.‎ The Bridge collection is completed by acoustic bookcases, free-standing or combined with benches, suspended drawers and service furniture, cabinets with doors, acoustic or glass screens.‎ Besides their supporting function, Bridge benches also provide cable management through electrical channels and cables running under the worktop.‎ Bridge also includes single and double height-adjustable desks, free-standing or integrated with benches.‎ Bridge is the ideal answer to the requirements of today's agile and smart working which, within one same space, needs to offer different functions and atmospheres.‎

Digital technology has changed our ways to operate and relate to each other, making it possible to work from anywhere, giving us the freedom to choose how and when we want to work.‎ Smart working goes beyond the constraints of working hours and spaces, focusing on organisation and goals to be achieved.‎ Bridge synthesises these changes by creating a system of simple elements that can be combined in a number of configurations to fulfil different functions within the same environment.‎

Today's offices are like a maze of chaotic streets that run on different levels, crowded with cars and people.‎ A tangle of functions, relationships, data and information.‎ Bridge clears up the office space and evens out complexity with just a few modular elements.‎

Bridge Collection by Citterio
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