Coffee tables

Small and discreet, large and imposing, the coffee tables are essential furnishing accessories for any room in the house, office or garden. In addition to fulfilling various functions, they are furnishing elements that contribute to give a final touch that distinguishes the environment. They can be chosen in coordination with chairs and furnishing accessories to fill the space or they can contrast with them to stand out and attract attention. That's why there are so many different coffee tables in materials, shapes, sizes and colors.

The coffee table, a must-have piece of furniture in every living room

Whatever the room in which you choose to place the table, it becomes an essential article that allows you to create practical and beautiful furnishing solutions. Certainly the main place where he is inevitably led to play an important role is the living room. Who could renounce to the coffee table for living room to be placed between the sofas and on which to easily accommodate vases, lamps, ornaments?
Depending on the space available, instead of inserting a single table, you can give free rein to your creativity and style, inserting more coffee tables, perhaps of different heights and shapes, and combining them.
Often these are enriched with accessories that make them even more versatile and indispensable. For those who love to accommodate relatives and friends, then it can be very easy to choose the coffee tables with trays on which to place or transport dishes, glasses or cups to enjoy, while sitting comfortably on the chairs, snacks and appetizers. For those who, on the other hand, do not want to give up having additional shelves next to the sofa, can not help but opt for the service tables. These help to make the use of the sofa more pleasant and relaxing, allowing you to have at hand everything you need or to rest momentarily the remote control of the TV, a glass or glasses while you are preparing to do something else.

A perfect design coffee table for all rooms

The versatility of the coffee tables means that they are also perfect in other rooms in the house or in other environments. For example, in the entrance area, where coffee tables with storage compartments can be used to store keys, glasses and coins, or where the most beautiful photographs and memories can be displayed.
Even in the world of contract, coffee tables are widely used, where they complete the furniture becoming an additional cabinet or acting as a reserve second shelf without cluttering much space. In addition, in the waiting rooms of offices or studios, it is advisable to include coffee tables with magazine racks in which to place newspapers or newspapers in order to cheer up the waiting who is to be received. But they are also perfect for those who, at the end of the day, want to relax while reading from the couch.

What could be better than relaxing outside?

For those who do not want to give up making terraces, balconies and gardens more liveable by making ideal use of all the spaces adjacent to their home, can set up a space with outdoor furniture. While the armchairs serve as a relaxation area, the garden side tables become the real reference point for enjoying the outdoor spaces, for an afternoon happy hour or to spend an evening outdoors. The outside becomes an extension of the living room or of the living room and for this reason, sometimes, you choose to keep the same style to avoid contrasts. In reality, people often prefer to recreate welcoming environments that are perfect for conviviality. In any case, the important thing is to choose them carefully paying attention to the size, shape and material with which they are made. In fact, the tables must withstand the sun's rays, bad weather, humidity and rust. For this reason we often prefer the use of plastic tables which, thanks to their lightness, are perfect also for those who prefer an easy style or love to transform the configuration of the rooms. But often other materials treated with special waterproof paints are also used, which make the product resistant to the action of wind and weather.

The materials of the tables for all combinations of furniture

The material plays an important role in the choice of the design table. Wood is certainly the most widely used material and used for coffee tables, thanks to its intrinsic strength and resistance. Whether it has a natural or lacquered finish, or a dark or light shade, the wooden coffee table goes well with any type of furniture, both classic and modern.
The other preferred material for the realization of the coffee tables is the metal that gives brightness and determination to the environment. The workability of this material makes it possible to create particular forms and rich in detail. Moreover, for those who love to give a touch of colour to the room without exaggerating, they will be enchanted by the wide chromatic palette that this material ensures: from white and mother-of-pearl colours, to the natural nuances of beige that fade to dove grey, from opaque and dark colours, to bright and lively colours.
A glass coffee table is ideal for modern furniture: transparent and light in shape, it has the advantage of not cluttering the eye. It is characterized by a surface that attracts the eye and reflects the surrounding world without deforming it and giving it a mysterious atmosphere.
Finally, the designers have created a wide range of coffee tables that play on a combination of multiple materials, resulting in a refined and chic end result.

The proportion of a coffee table as a synonym for perfection

The design of the coffee table must be chosen according to its position with respect to the rest of the furniture. Therefore, when choosing the perfect coffee table, proportion and shape are fundamental to understand the dimensions that the coffee table must have in order to integrate with the rest of the furnishing accessories: a coffee table that is too large risks being too cumbersome, while a coffee table that is too small may not offer the necessary support surface.
The shape of the coffee tables has a significant impact on the functionality of the room. The round table, with its compact shapes, is a space-saving solution able to harmonize the environment in the best possible way. The total absence of edges, makes it very suitable for places where there are children who will turn it into the protagonist of the most beautiful and fun games. Rectangular coffee tables are perfect for being placed close to a wall and serve as an additional support surface. And together with the square ones they are perfect to be placed in the middle of the living room where their squared and essential lines blend with the softness of the sofas, creating a striking design and great visual impact.

Different table heights for different functions

Another aspect to consider when choosing a coffee table is its height. The low table is a perfect design object that fits harmoniously into any room without prevailing with its presence that of other furniture. Gives that extra touch of class to your living space by creating an oasis of relaxation and well-being. On the contrary, the slender shape of the high table makes it stand out from the rest of the furniture and at the same time gives it a neutral air, able to be useful without distracting. It is also perfect for furnishing with style the corners of rooms often left empty and in-served. Often tables of different heights are placed together creating functional configurations, but at the same time full of style and charm. In any case, for every shape and height, corresponds a precise stylistic choice adaptable to different living contexts.

The style of the coffee table, a balance between beauty and functionality

In the balance between beauty and functionality, you must also pay attention to the style of the chosen table that can give personality to your home and that becomes the hallmark of personal taste.
Essential and clean lines that create a refined but at the same time versatile and practical environment are those that characterize the tables with a modern style. These are perfect for environments where defined, square lines, contrasting or vibrant colours predominate.
On the other hand, the tables in classic style are the ideal choice for those who love the curved and convex lines or that inimitable and timeless allure typical of furniture from past eras. But whether you choose essential tables or tables with rich decorations, futuristic or nostalgic of past eras, you must always remember to seek harmony between the various furnishing accessories to recreate an environment that emanates positive feelings and where you will love to spend time.

The tables: a point of union between civilizations

In the past, the table was already of fundamental importance in everyday life. In fact, the ancient Romans used it for the consumption of meals, laying the food on it and placing the triclinia around it. Even in the Japanese civilization the table was a fundamental element of the house, in fact around the tables there were cushions on which to sit to prepare, eat traditional foods or participate in the tea ceremony. The coffee table thus becomes a democratic furnishing accessory that unites two distant and different civilizations: the western and the eastern one.

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