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Coffee Tables

”The privileges of the side-table included the small prerogatives of sitting next to the toast, and taking two cups of tea to other people’s one.” (Charles Dickens)
Coffee tables are usually the “missing piece” of the living room furniture set because you usually choose them last. The enormous variety of shapes, sizes and heights make the choice hard also for expert interior designers: search on Archiproducts the coffee table for your living room! Aesthetics and functionality are both important in coffee tables. On one hand, the table is a practical support for magazines, tea cups or your laptop computer. On the other, it completes your living room furniture with a final creative touch. The ideal coffee table must blend with the existing furniture and be functional.

Size and proportions are the key words to get a comfortable living room. An excessively big coffee table will make the living room look crammed and not comfortable to live in. An excessively small one will get lost in the living room and won’t provide supporting surface for your objects. Shape and height of the table will be chosen on the basis of their position respect to the armchair or sofa. A rectangular coffee table will be perfect if place right in front of the sofa at a 50 cm distance thus allowing enough space to walk and a comfortable supporting surface. A service table, taller and squared or rounded will be very useful if put sideways with respect to the sofa, next to the armrest. It will accommodate a lamp, your favorite book and the docking station for your music. The modern adjustable height coffee tables are perfect for small houses. Sometimes they can also be elongated. They are coffee tables but they can become dining tables. More, coffee tables with magazine racks or storage spaces are very useful to organize your CDs or DVDs or to hide your children’s toys away in case of an unexpected visit.

You like harmony, huh? Try dissonance! Harmony doesn’t necessarily mean matching forms and colors. A living room with clean lines will be made more interesting by an oval coffee table or a round one. A metal or glass coffee table will give the right touch to your leather sofa and the contrasting colors will make your room impressive. Considering their versatility, the tables are made of different materials that adapt to whichever style and need. A wooden table with natural or laquered finishing is a must for classic living rooms especially if it is enriched with decorations and mouldings. Glass is the leading actor for contemporary style coffee tables: transparent and ethereal in its shape, glass coffee tables are easy to clean but a bit dangerous when kids are around so you better choose plastic ones which are sturdier and resistant.

The par excellence designer coffee table? If you’re a style-aholic, the Barcelona coffee table designed by Mies Van der Rohe in 1929 for Tugendthat house in Brno with its squared glass top and chromed flat steel structure, is elegant and sophisticated. It will be the ideal complement for your living room! ... More ... less


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