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Rectangular Coffee tables

Rectangular coffee tables, thanks to their shape, are very common in living rooms as they can be more easily placed next to walls and sofas, optimising the related space or passageways. The wide offer of rectangular coffee tables ranges from coffee models, on which drinks, snacks and aperitifs can be served, to the more operational pc tables, ideal for working while comfortably seated on the sofa. Rectangular coffee tables are extremely versatile, not only because they can be more easily combined with walls or other linear furniture, but also because they are often easy to move around thanks to solutions with castors. Furthermore, if designed in an extendable version, they can increase their surface area if necessary, without being unnecessarily bulky. The style, classic or modern, together with the material are among the main aspects to be considered, depending on the imprint one wishes to give to the environment: Rectangular glass coffee tables, for example, are a modern, minimalist and easy-care choice that will naturally brighten up the room, allowing its shapes to visually cross over, emphasising an important floor or rug and thus widening the perception of space; marble variants, on the other hand, add preciousness to their surfaces and can offer, if enriched with fine workmanship, a plastic effect of great visual impact. ... More ... less


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