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Concrete miniature golf units



Our 18 courses meet all requirements for the tournamentversion of a miniature golf unit. If this will not be of importance for you, however, you can freely compile the unit according to your very own taste. You can even add individual obstacles to the courses. Just be creative and stand out from the masses.
We are able to make many things happen.

Properties and Benefits
The ideal unit in the open air has a size of around 1,500 square metres – whereas in the interior
800 square metres would already be sufficient. Our miniature golf courses consist of a two-layer
and reinforced concrete and are prefabricated in one cast – incl. the coloured obstacles.
You can actually see its longevity and solidity. The players are happy about a seamless court without
any differences in height, and the operator is happy about the minimum maintenance expenditure
it requires, because concrete withstands also high spirits of quite some groups of juveniles.
Cushions and obstacles of metal are galvanized and are just as weatherproof as the concrete. As a
matter of course our miniature golf units are also suitable for wheelchair users.

Colours and Obstacles
Obstacles are available in all standard RAL shades. That way you can adapt the courses to an already
existing colouring concept, or place new accents with obstacles coloured to your choice.

Surfaces and Coating
Our Crefix coating is weatherproof, protects the surface and increases smoothness and precision
for playing.

Warranty, Maintenance and Servicing
Up to 20 years: State-of-the-art production plants and lots of experience guarantee utmost quality.
We therefore grant you a warranty of 10 years on all defects in material and workmanship.
Subsequently we would offer you to redo your sport facility at a defined fixed price and then
extend the warranty for another 10 years.
With a separate service contract you can protect yourself also against damage caused by users:
We inspect your entire facility once a year and remove all defects that have an effect on the safety
and function. This inspection is documented with photos and an inspection report.

Delivery and Installation
The one-piece miniature golf courses with obstacles we supply are already coated. The
truck-mounted crane simply puts the courses flat onto the pad base provided by the customer.
That’s about it to install the unit which can then be completed with paths.

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