Conference tables

Conferences are a crucial moment for the activities of a company and the room in which they take place must be taken care of in every detail. Choosing the right conference table is never trivial, because it is the furnishing element through which you communicate with customers, partners, students and journalists. The conference room is in fact a nerve center. This is the room where important decisions are announced. This is why furniture, in such a delicate environment, must express shapes and colors capable of influencing people's moods. The table is therefore the main element of the conference room, as well as being an important business card for a potential client, for a group of journalists or for guests who will certainly prefer to be welcomed in a modern, technological yet comfortable environment. Whether it is a refined metal conference table or a solid wooden table, the choice of this particular type of office furniture should not be overlooked, as it is an element that can undoubtedly raise the company's image.

Materials and dimensions of conference tables

Conference tables are a minimum of four seats, but the size must be evaluated according to the size of the room, auditorium or conference room. Furthermore, the table is not only intended to welcome members of the host organization, because conference rooms are usually used to welcome clients, university lecturers, a theatre company, the cast of a film or the board of directors. This apparently simple furnishing accessory, therefore, can affect the first impression the customer or guests have of the company, the university or the company. All the more reason to choose a good conference table carefully, not only for its size and shape, but also for its style. If the conference room is not very large, it is necessary to guarantee freedom of movement and, at the same time, enough space for journalists and guests. A large conference table with four seats, well-spaced apart, can be ideal even if only a few people use the table. A rectangular, modular conference table with a wooden top, aluminum frame and integrated cable duct system can be the right choice for a meeting with a few people. There are also conference tables with top access, so that everyone can use their electronic devices with peace of mind. The four-seater conference table is often the preferred middle way. Not too big or too small, it is able to accommodate a few more people without being dispersive if used by a few. It adapts easily to medium sized rooms while allowing participants to move from one place to another, or reach any mobile lecterns or projectors during the meeting.

Modern conference tables for every occasion

From modern conference tables to basic ones, equally elegant and impressive, the choice is personal and depends on what you are looking for, the size required and the function it has to perform. If you have to hold large meetings and conferences with many participants, such as for graduation sessions in the Aula Magna, you can opt for a six- or eight-station solution. For conferences with few people, on the other hand, smaller tables can be chosen to encourage eye contact and interaction between participants. Choosing the shape of the furniture according to the width of the room is not enough. Most conference tables are rectangular or square. The choice of form follows precise rules. Rectangular conference tables are preferred when the number of participants exceeds four. The square conference table, on the other hand, is preferable when there are few people who have to speak at the congress. For conferences in the presence of guests, journalists or clients, the table is almost always rectangular, so that all participating speakers are on one side of the table, are clearly visible, and there is space for all those who have to speak.

Conference tables: fundamental elements for the image of a company

Whether they are made of wood or metal, conference tables must represent a fundamental element that fits perfectly into the space of the conference room. They must integrate perfectly with the furniture, using design lines designed to meet the needs of style and functionality, and encourage collaboration and eye contact. Elegance and compositional functionality are the prerogatives of conference tables, studied with attention to every detail. Ergonomically shaped and at the same time engaging, they can accommodate an ever-increasing number of people, so that every need can be met. Models that make simplicity and essentiality the constituent elements, the modular ones make it possible to create a conference table of important dimensions, which is perfectly suited to prestigious and particularly large environments such as auditoriums.

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