Console Tables

The consoles are the most suitable furnishing accessories for entrances and hallways, and are also an effective part of an interior design project for the living area. The console is not only an element with a strong aesthetic component but, equipped with drawers, compartments and storage shelves also becomes extremely functional. The consoles also have the advantage of defining and marking the interior space, with solutions with a colourful, decorative and practical design. These products allow for different combination potentials and are the subject of continuous material and stylistic experimentation. For this reason, the console is a furnishing accessory that can be decisive in the final result of a project of both contemporary and classic furniture.

Modern consoles that transform the living room

A modern console allows you to completely change the appearance of a room. Among the innovative materials used in the manufacture of the design consoles there are also sheet metal and galvanized sheet metal: the elements are welded together and generally supported by a central element to ensure solidity to the structure. The wooden console is revisited in a modern key, using derived materials: MDF, laminate and veneer wood, are finished and painted to obtain a variety of effects and colors. Among the wooden consoles, we find the extendible console tables. Functional and very comfortable, this type of console takes on a dual purpose: the classic minimal and simple console for an entrance or a bare corner of the house, becomes a very useful extendable table, which in relation to the guests, and the occasion, is precisely stretched to become a real table, a practical element for both small and large spaces. The absolute comfort consists in having a large table that is revealed only in case of need and that does not clutter and hinder when not needed.

Add a seat to your table with extendable consoles

You have a small house but you don't want to give up dinners with family and friends? With an extendable console, you're done! Small and space-saving when closed, it transforms completely to accommodate up to 8-10-12 people depending on the model and size of the extensions. The particularity of these models lies in the presence of the staves, used to make them larger than they are when they are closed. Generally the extensions are kept hidden so as to make the console a normal piece of furniture but able to turn into a comfortable and practical dining table if necessary. Given the often small size of modern homes, the extendable console tables are the answer to all requests, from the most demanding and functional to the most aesthetic.

Choosing a console: the materials

Before choosing the design and shape of a console, it is essential to evaluate its material. Combinations of materials, colour combinations and particular shapes are part of an interior design project and become its protagonists. This is the case of metal console tables that play with aesthetic subtraction and formal purity, to offer ultra-thin solutions. Thanks to their transparency, the crystal or glass console tables are suitable for small rooms, because they are capable of not cluttering too much the view and their transparency helps to make it seem like a larger and more extensive environment. The wooden console has always been one of the most popular, because it is robust, versatile and versatile. It is, in fact, suitable in most cases and environments, lending itself to multiple solutions of combination with tables and chairs. Finally, a metal console becomes a perfect complement to a modern living room furniture. The contrast between the base and the top is often of great trend in the field of consoles. The association of a metal or wooden base with a top of the most precious and noble material such as marble, glass, crystal or whimsical and innovative such as cement is becoming more and more frequent.

Classic style console table: the importance of the base

The opposite, or almost the opposite, happens for the classic style: the importance between the base and the top turns upside down and the base assumes a very important value with a strong aesthetic impact. The top is still made of important materials, but the bases are emphasized through the use of shapes, colors and aesthetic preciousness. The clean and essential lines are opposed by the curves, the sculpted decorations and rounded lines: the gold leaf, the inlays and the large bases are the typical and mandatory characteristics of a classic console. This furniture that accompanies the living room or an entrance, takes on a sculptural appearance and strong aesthetic and visual character. In the classic style console tables, the precious woods and artistic chisels, rich in carvings, are combined with interesting decorations and colours, and with decorations often made entirely by hand, the result of aesthetic research and attention to detail typical of classic taste.

Full and empty: versatile console for contemporary spaces

From ultra slim to gold leaf: depending on the environment you want to furnish, there is certainly a suitable console. The modern style consoles and design are increasingly minimal and slim. The structure is often taken to the extreme of thinness and is structurally obtained thanks to materials such as metal or glass that lend themselves well to the realization of shapes out of the ordinary. Whether demilune console tables or rectangular consoles, they often have essential bases and are free of frills, minimizing their aesthetic presence. The bases, for the modern style, leave more importance to the tops that, as mentioned before, are instead more and more often made with precious materials and with a strong aesthetic impact, playing between the full top and the void that creates the base, which in some cases even ceases to exist, see the wall-mounted console tables.

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