Cooker hoods

When you think about buying a new kitchen, it has become essential to talk about all the appliances that make it up. Among these, the cooker hood is certainly one of the protagonists of all the furniture, especially in the most modern projects, where the kitchen has joined the living area becoming "on sight".
Technically, the cooker hood is an appliance designed to eliminate fumes, vapours and odours from cooking. Whether suspended or built-in, modern, classic or contemporary, hoods represent an indispensable kitchen appliance, to be chosen with care, taking into account factors of functionality and aesthetics, but also of ease of use and installation.
The choice of hood must therefore be made taking into account the style of the kitchen and the technical characteristics you want to have.

Shapes and models of cooker hoods

The differences between cooker hoods are not only based on the installation and operation system. In fact, there are also different types depending on the way the appliance is fixed to the hob.
The built-in hoods, for example, are inserted inside a wall unit placed exactly above the hob, making it invisible. In this case the collection can be total or partial. When it comes to total built-in, the hood is perfectly integrated into the kitchen furniture and is impossible to see if it is not in operation. The suction hose, as well as the control buttons, are located inside the cabinet. If the collection is partial it is possible to see the lower part even when switched off. The wall mounted cooker hoods are all exposed and anchored to the wall exactly above the stove. If the collection is partial it is possible to see the lower part even when switched off. The wall mounted cooker hoods are all exposed and anchored to the wall exactly above the stove. Flat and sloping, classic style hoods or modern hoods, in steel, glass or aluminium, have become a real furnishing accessory to be exhibited and therefore to be chosen with the utmost care and attention. As well as having to consider the minimum height from the hob, it is also essential to choose carefully the design of the appliance to be combined with the rest of the kitchen. An interesting evolution of this appliance are for example the hoods with lighting or the most modern kitchen hoods with integrated TV.
Lately, island cooker hoods have also been enjoying considerable success, given the spread of island kitchen configurations: in this case we are necessarily talking about a hood with ceiling mounting. Naturally in this position it is very visible and therefore, if it is not inserted inside a piece of furniture or an appropriate masonry support, it becomes a very important piece of furniture to be combined with the lighting system. Depending on the layout of the hob, it is also possible to install a corner hood, to make the kitchen more harmonious without making substantial changes to the entire furnishings.

Countertop cooker hood: the ideal appliance for modern kitchens

A luxury and elegant product to use in a modern environment is undoubtedly the downdraft kitchen hood. Its special feature is that it takes its place near the hob: discreet and invisible when not in use, the downdraft kitchen hood is the optimal solution in island cooking blocks, in cases where it is not possible to install a hood on the ceiling, as well as in wall-mounted solutions, to take advantage of the wall cabinet area in small kitchens, where even the smallest space is indispensable. Equipped with lighting and touch control, it automatically exits the hob when necessary to vacuum and illuminate, when it is no longer in use it retracts to disappear completely into the top. In these hoods the motor is hidden under the worktop and the suction panel can be raised as required by simply touching the controls.

Suction and filter hoods

Depending on the installation structure, two main types of kitchen hoods can be distinguished first of all: suction and filter hoods. The extractor hood is a household appliance that sucks in air through an electric fan positioned just above the hob. It consists of a shell, grease filters and suction unit. But its peculiarity is given by the presence of a special duct, which conveys fumes and vapors into a properly prepared flue. This structure allows not only to filter the extracted air, but also to expel it outside the domestic environment. However, it is important that the duct is adequate: a passage that is too narrow or tortuous, but also too long, could compromise the incisiveness of the suction system and cause a partial disposal of the aeriform residues. The filtering hood, on the other hand, only filters the air, so that odours, fumes and grease are retained. Like the extractor hood, the filter hood consists of a body, grease filters and suction unit, but instead of having an exhaust duct to the outside, it is equipped with special anti-odour filters. The air is thus taken, purified and reintroduced into the same environment. The regulation prescribes their combination with auxiliary fans, such as electric fans and ventilation holes, in order to allow an efficient and safe air exchange.

Design and technology of kitchen hoods

The wide range of models with numerous material and design variants has been designed to meet every need: you can find designer kitchen hoods with an ultra-modern look and hoods in traditional style. The latest generation hoods are ultra-technological and efficient thanks to the sensors able to activate and deactivate the filtering independently. Thanks to first-class motors and soundproof housings they are powerful and at the same time extremely quiet. Highly efficient technical solutions, correlated to the most modern filtering systems, effectively eliminate vapours and odours and guarantee an ideal climate in the kitchen for making all types of dishes. Extractor hoods that switch on and off automatically, extractable hoods that rise from the worktop, wall-mounted models, island models. Hoods in glass, hoods in stainless steel, metal, copper and in different colours. These are the main features we look for in a hood, especially when the kitchen area joins the living area, as is often the case in modern checkouts, thus offering a wide range of solutions to meet the daily needs of our times.

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