Cookers feature cooking hobs and ovens – nowadays available in numerous variants – all in one unit. For a long time freestanding kitchens were the solution to specific budget and space needs. These all-in-one cooking units can be positioned separately from the rest of the kitchen furniture and not necessarily reflect its style. Their independence has made cookers a distinctive element able to stand out and characterize the kitchen space. At the beginning, there were only gas freestanding kitchens. As of today, it is possible to choose among multi-functional units that can be gas, methane, GPL or electrically powered. With their flexible design cookers integrate in a multitude of contexts as they can be plugged to any source, included simple gas tanks. In our days, those who choose freestanding kitchens are generally looking for a product that is able to stick out, break the continuity and be the design element in the kitchen. The lovers of kitchens of this kind can opt for classic-style cookers that revive the product early days aesthetics, or for highly contemporary, innovative and custom-made designs.

The technology and functionality of freestanding kitchens

A common pattern of the new generation cookers is the top level technology and functionality they are made with. The range spans from double pyrolytic ovens, gas and induction combined hobs, up to modular elements. Aesthetics-wise, they are highly refined as for the chromatic variety ranging from stainless steel to red, from white to black and turquoise, as for finishes, including enameled, metallic or anti-fingerprint. Another common trait of cookers is their versatility. They offer plenty of space, functions and cooking options to go creative with the cooking art by making use of the most cutting-edge tools. For what matters shapes, there are modest-size units equipped with one oven and large-size kitchens able to accommodate up to four ovens. Ovens feature different cooking options and functions, such as the integrated cleaning system, display and timer. The choice is even wider when it comes to cooking hobs. The range includes the classic gas hobs- till nowadays the most common - electric, in glass ceramic and induction hobs. It is also possible to find cookers with combined hobs, as for instance electric and gas.

Materials and finishes of freestanding kitchens

The main material for freestanding kitchens is stainless steel. Units in stainless steel are robust, functional and have a powerful aesthetic impact. However, it is also possible to opt for kitchens with porcelain enamel doors available in a variety of tones and nuances.
Turning or push/pull knobs, chrome or brass, colored or neutral finishes. There is a host of features to play with in this kitchen composition. The great advantage with freestanding kitchens is their ability to fully suit the needs of any family or person, as they give the opportunity to set up any area of a room as wished. This kind of kitchens guarantee outstanding flexibility; the many modular elements are apt to be moved and assembled to taste; their structure can be adjusted even in the legs height which can often be stretched and adapt even to slightly uneven and irregular floors.

Professional cookers. The perfect solution in one unit

Professional cookers are an ideal solution for those who either have limited space or wish to access all cooking functions in a single unit occupying as little space as possible. Contemporary style cookers are movable and stand-alone and can be combined and composed to match the most diverse needs. In some cases, the units can feature a sink, a cabinet for waste management and disposal and even one for aspiration. Cookers are especially ideal for those who seek an informal solution, apt to change through time. The room can thus be dismantled and rearranged anew as it is more comfortable and convenient. All this “moving” will not affect comfort, aesthetics and functionality if the “kitchen system” will be carefully thought out. It can be an interesting solution for those who prefer asymmetries and perfect for those who like being different and do not fancy classic kitchens. ... More ... less

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