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Cooking accessories

Kitchen accessories are elements that not only add to the space functionality and comfort, but are also able to furnish it with versatile products that blend together aesthetic and functionality. Chopping boards, colanders, nutcrackers, bottle openers and many others: these are all objects that you cannot do without and that therefore must be useful, practical, durable, able to simplify all those small actions that take place each day within the kitchen walls.

Accessories for the kitchen: aesthetics and functionality

Not only do kitchen accessories have their specific function, but they also come in a wide variety of shapes and colors so as to contribute to the aesthetic performance of a furniture project and allow to be surrounded by appealing and at the same time useful items also in the kitchen space. Near the cooking area it is crucial to foresee a kitchen utensil holder, in a way to keep all the tools needed to cook and prepare our dishes at a fingertip. There are tool bars where it is possible to hang ladles, potholders, trivet and other accessories such as boxes and multi-purpose hooks. Bars or magnetic surfaces make for a valid alternative where to attach any utensils made of stainless steel or with iron parts, included kitchen knives. Knives and accessories with a blade such as scissors can also be places in a special block that is often made of wood. Even spice containers can be left in sight; if they aremade of glass or transparent they will bring in a twist of color thanks to their content with nuances that range from green to light yellow and red; while chopping boards in wood or plastic materials can be placed on the counter so to set up a small vertical composition. Lovers of good wine will not deny themselves the possibility to keep in view also their best labels, by choosing one of the many models of bottle racks available on the market; to be placed on a counter or hang to the wall, such accessory is able to furnish a corner of the kitchen and add a stylish touch.

Accessories for the kitchen to bring to the table

Among the accessories that certainly cannot miss in a kitchen there surely are those that are also used at the table. Salt and pepper containers, with or without grinder, and oil and vinegar sets are used daily in a kitchen and then brought to the table, as well as corkscrew and bottle openers, cutting boards and graters. Such kitchen accessories together with the numerous accessories for the table can be coordinated with the cutlery set; you can also consider to have more than one model so to dedicate the most refined one to special occasions.

The kitchen accessories drawer to have everything at hand

The number of accessories stored in a kitchen inevitably grows from year to year. On the top of the list there are surely food containers that fill the pantry and keep intact the ingredients we use for our dishes that do not need to be stored in the refrigerator. In order for everything to be easily accessible, a good practice is to rationally and neatly organize the many small utensils that crowd the accessories drawer, so to easily catch also those tools we barely used, when It is needed: nutcrackers, garlic crushers, large and small graters, scissors, ice cream scoops, vegetable peelers, ladles and shovels of many sizes, knife sharpeners, pliers, chicken cutters and many others.

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